Thursday, November 03, 2005

Intro: Eat First Think Later

Hi all! And welcome to Eat First Think Later. This is my personal podcast dedicated to the one thing that we all depend on to survive, food.

Eat First Think Later is not new. This has been my trademark quote and I am famous for it among my friends and family, and maybe even strangers! I believe my enthusiasm towards this quote have influenced many people around me, changing their perspective about food. My goal for this podcast is the same, to 'awaken' taste buds and introduce new and delicious food to my listeners. Don't worry if my quote Eat First Think Later scares you. Other than sharing taste buds experience with you, I would also be addressing food topics such as healthy eating habit\food for those are trying to stay healthy.

I hope this podcast will share some useful and insightful tips and tricks about eating out, cooking, and also cleaning up!

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Disclaimer: I am neither a chef nor doctor. All tips, tricks and recipes are based on my personal experience or my imagination. I will not be liable for any sickness of any kind (mentally and physically) arising out of this site or podcast. To put this in layman’s term, don't sue me if you put on unwanted weight or become an obsessive and compulsive eater because of me ;P

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