Saturday, January 14, 2006

Cooking for New Years 2006

This post is a track back of Episode - 008 - Cooking for New Years. Here's what I ended up cooking\not cooking.

31 Dec 2005 : Dinner : Dory fish, vegetables and 2 choices of smashed potatoes.

I had to fry the Dory fish using a hot plate stove... yikes. The heat wasn't enough so I had a little trouble. The Dory fish was marinated with salt, some spices and sweet squid oil. I coated the fillet with flour before frying.

The mini tomatoes and carrots look so lonely. I though I had broccoli and cauliflower so I didn't buy them while buying the ingredients for the dish, but I didn't.

I made two types of smashed potatoes. One mixed with butter (best eaten cold), and one mixed with cream of mushroom (best eaten hot).

31 dec 2005 : Supper : Pulut Hitam Tong Sui.

This is a sweet watered dessert made from black glutinous rice. I did not cook this, but bought this at one of the stalls in First World Plaze in Genting.

1 Jan 2006 : Breakfast at 4am! : Stuffed black pepper and cheese sausages, scrambled eggs and garlic bread.

I had a can of baked beans that I wanted to reheat and add it to the breakfast dish but we were too hungry. We skipped the baked beans and right to the food.

And once again, my garlic bread rocks!

1 Jan 2005 : Breakfast : Desert after breakfast. Ginger Sea Coconut Tong Sui.

I initially planned for Ginger with Sweet Potatoes Tong Sui but I would take too long for the sweet potatoes to cook and soften for a nice tong sui. I poured a can of sea coconut into the ginger water I boiled and the tong sui turned out great.

1 Jan 2005 : Lunch : Pasta with mushroom cheese sauce, and garlic bread.

It would be really difficult to prepare my bolognaise sauce from scratch in Genting so I took the short cut for this dish. I bought mushroom cheese sauce and mix it with my pasta. Added carrots, button mushrooms and sausages as well.

1 Jan 2005 : Supper

We hung out here and there and came across these cakes. A friend treated us with the cakes. The brown is chocolate, I ate the strawberry and the yellow is some French cake I think. Definitely not mango. I can't remember the name but it's like La' something something. The chocolate cake tasted the best, the yellow one comes next. The strawberry cake was just so so.

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