Saturday, January 28, 2006

What's on my food trolley for CNY?

Sorry all, I can't find time to record episode 11. I know I said I would be talking about pineapple jam tarts... but you know what, i didn't make them this year. I made so many other cookies I just didn't have time for that. I decided I would not make them this year and continue making more unique Chinese New Cookies.

So just to make your mouth water (...then again the pictures aren't that impressive, let me do I run down on what I have made.

Butter Orange Cake. This one is for my grandma (Dad's side). I woke up at 6am this morning to bake this cake. Initially I wanted to bake Pandan Cake but it was still dark outside and I didn't dare walk out to collect Pandan leafs. The cake is soft and has little pieces of orange peel in it. Very suitable for my grandma who can't really take cakes with nuts.

Double Chocolate Walnut Cake. I baked this after I made the Butter Orange cake for my grandma. Since my other grand parents still have strong teeth, all my cousins will be back and most of them are kids... and kids love chocolates, I decided on Chocolate cake. Too bad I can't make the frosting for the cake... I won't be able to keep the cake long then.

Marble Cake. Woops! This turn out to be a 'bomb'. I added way too much baking powder. By the time I realized, my teaspoon full of baking powder was already emptied...and baking power is in the flour mixture. Ah well.. I guess Uncle K will just have to cut the cake and enjoy the marble pattern on the sides of the cake instead of the top.

Rum Fruit Cake. You know what... I baked 2 square cakes, and 9 rectangle fruit cakes since after Christmas till now but I have not even eaten one myself! =( I have been aging the cakes too and when the cakes are ready to be eaten... mom gives them away for Christmas... and now for Chinese New Year. Well I guess I can't complain because mom bought the ingredients.

L-R: Ngah Ku aka Arrowhead, Bread Crips, Green Peas Melts

Ngah Ku is really easy to make, but this year prices of Ngah Ku is much higher because everyone is making them. Listen to episode 10 for steps to make your addictive Ngah Ku chips.

The bread crips is my own recipe\creation. It's actually Lebanese bread baked with mixture of spices and herbs. So far everyone that has tried it likes it.

Ok, the green is scary, but you'll think differently when you try it. Most Chinese New Year cookies are sweet so made some thing salty to add more variety to my food trolley. The texture of the cookie is soft and melts in the mouth, very different from the normal crunchy cookies or crumbly shortbreads.

L-R: Peanut Cookies, Deep Fried Mini Spring rolls

Check out Episode 9 for more info on the peanut cookies. I have also made some almond cookies using the same concept of making the peanut ones.

I made 3 different types of Mini Spring rolls. The two most common ones sold in the market are the ones filled with chicken floss ("Yoke Si" or in Hokien "Bak Hu") and small dried shrimp ("har mai"). I made them both. For the last filling, I used satay jelly fish. They usually come in small flat pieces in the size of 50 cents coins in a satay stick. Instead of eating them just like that, I cut them into tiny pieces and used it as my spring roll filling. You should try that out, taste delicious and very unique if you give them out to your friends and relatives.

I have actually made yam munchies to add to my variety of Chinese New Year tidbits but mom has already given them all away... so no pictures. =(

Anyway, I hope I will find time... or time find me ... so I would be able to do another episode of Eat First Think Later. Till then, just look out for more pictures! The reunion dinner is tonight... can't wait!

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