Sunday, March 26, 2006

Chinese medicine

It's really the flu season because after 2 weeks, I'm still not well. I feel fine but the nose is still like a leaking tap once in a while. My mom is not that lucky though. She fell really sick again after semi recovering from the flu (that she gave me...aie). Instead of visiting her usual clinic, she opted for traditional Chinese medication instead.

What sparked my interest was the way Chinese Sen Sei's do their business these days. In the past, the patients were given a prescription for their illness. Patients had to visit a herbalist and get the prescription packed, go home and slow boil the herbs and drink the medicine.

Now, all my mom had to do was go see the Sen Sei, and then collect her medication a few hours later. The Sen Sei's prescription will given to their own herbalist and all the preparation and boiling of the medication will be done there. The medicine is then packed and ready for consumption. The packages can be kept for as long as a week in room temperature.

There's no more hassle of boiling your own Chinese medicine anymore.

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