Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Win double chocolate chip cookies!

I have got good news!

See the picture above? Well, are you thinking like "Yummy! I wished I could have a piece of that DOUBLE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE" ... "If only I could reached into that monitor to have the REAL COOKIE in my hands" ... "I don't want the recipe, I want the real thing!"

Well cookie monsters, here's your chance to actually get your hands on and few mouths full of this double chocolate chip cookies. All you have to do is email [] me a picture(s) of YOU and one of your FAVORITE food by Wednesday, April 12 2006. Do also tell me why that it is your favorite food. WINNER(s) will get a container of the cookies sent to them!

*Open to all readers and listeners of Eat First Think Later

So start eating and send me those pictures!

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8 pieces of worms:


Umm ... if you have any leftover cookies please send them my way! Hehe~!


i'll go over and break into your house just to get that jar of cookies... want to give me or u want me to break your lock??shit, i must find a way to disable your alarm first... kekeke


loong: aiyor.. just send me a picture and you'll have the cookies... the leftover will go into my tummy! hehe

jk: u want to eat also no need to break down the door la. i think most of the time i force you to try my stuff without u asking ahhaha


i wanttt. Hehehe...
(No wonder i fat liow. lol)

How many winners will there be? hehe


sonia: not fixed... but at this rate, who ever that sends in an entry gets the cookies. Haven got a single photo yet =(


wen: Aiks! I read this too late. Passed deadline liao. Still accept entries ar? Hahaahaha


...apr 12 la woman. still can send in =)


Oooooh, I found out about this too late.

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