Friday, April 14, 2006

And the cookies goes to...

Wokie! The cookies goes to SJ and SY that are currently residing in Australia. I planned to send them the cookies but SJ said I can't because of nuts? So, the cookies will go to my auntie’s house. I guess both SJ and SY will just have to come back for them hehehe :p

Here's their comment on their favorite food.

SJ and SY with the chicken feet.

SY: I like Ferrero Rocher because its nice, with the chocolate n nuts. Chocolate gives me energy to work.

SJ: I like chicken feet because the sauce is simply..... *mouth watering*, and its nice to eat it when its still hot. some ppl might think its gross to eat chicken feet, but i think its really delicious.. Chinese should know how to value this dish.. ha ha. Yumcha dimsum !! yay yay!

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