Monday, April 10, 2006

Eat First Think Later - Episode 017 - Salad

Episode : 017- Salad
File size : 4.5MB
Running duration : 9:31 minutes

Episode summary : Learn about the different types of dressing you can use for making salad.

Egg mayo salad. In this picture, I wrapped the egg mayo in a slice of cheddar cheese for decoration.

I have mixed Tarragon vinegar with black and white pepper and some oregano leaves for this salad dressing.

Kenny Roger's Caesar salad.

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4 pieces of worms:


The second one with the Tarragon vinegar looks real good.


loong: just head to Giant and grab the ingredients.. very easy to make =)


Does your cookie offer work with this salad dish as well? Hehe ...


loong: hehehe its hard to ship fresh salad and the cookies offer ended already. Look out for more contests for the next few months =)

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