Saturday, April 08, 2006


I tried making soft buns, bread and stuff a few weeks back. None of them turned out well... yikes! Well, that's what I get when I don't follow any recipes.

The buns were too hard. I have got to put more yeast to the flour next time and let it raise for a longer period of time. One thing I learnt, it's better to let the dough rise in a covered pot. The humidity let's the yeast to multiply faster.

The raisins that were exposed to the oven heat burnt. I think I either had the temperature on too high... or i just over baked them.

Still edible, but sucks. Taste better with jam.

I tried a few different styles on my second try. The bread and buns still were too dry and hard for my liking. I better follow a recipe next time ...hehehe

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