Thursday, April 20, 2006

Green Tea Swiss roll

I have recently tried this green tea Swiss roll that one of my mom's friend's bought. It's from a bakery called Pastry House. I'm not sure about the location but I think in Taipan USJ or SS15 in Subang Jaya.

I know it's weird. It's green tea but the box has strawberries printed all over.

Handmade but machine baked I suppose.

I found this Swiss roll interesting because at the center of the roll has red beans. I have not eaten any Swiss rolls like this before.

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cheng sim

i don't think there's pastry house in Taipan USJ. it must be SS15 lah. then again, u say its green tea but there's red bean filling in the middle? does it tastes nice though?


There's one in Danau Desa. The shop name is RT Bakery/Patry (can't remember). They have the exact same swiss roll - red beans in the middle.

Tastes real good, though. Can feel they really put in 100% ingredients. :D


Let's see ... a Swiss roll with red bean paste in the middle wrapped and stuck with a French Pastry brand sticker packed in a box covered with pictures of strawberries complete with Japanese words ... all made for and in Malaysia?

Now that is just a bit weird to me. =)


cheng sim: yeah... i think in ss15. I went to look for it in Taipan.. cannot find. Taste really good. Very smooth and not too sweet. Lack of green tea smell\taste tho. But really like japanese sweet cakes ...that explains the japanese strawberry cake box.

evarulz: yeahh ...u know what... i finished the whole swiss roll myself!

loong: erm... globalization? HAHAHAH ehhehe :P


OMG, you pigged out the whole swiss roll!! Hahahaha... Very filling wan wor.

At my place here, the cake is sold in either 1 slice or the whole cake (like the one you got). They have an elaborated version as well, costs about 30 bucks topped with cream, slices of fruits here and there - haven't try that one though. But basically, nearly everything at this RT Pastry is damn good! *slurp*


eva: i saw one cake similar to this swiss roll in marcos pizza in Kelana Jaya... but that one is like one piece and more decorated. The cake is like the one you belanja me and bill on NY.

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