Sunday, April 30, 2006

Pandan Rice

I tried cooking pandan rice today and it turned out to be a disaster! My 'lauk pauk' came out good though.

As you can see, the pandan rice came out really green. Here's a few pointers I have to remember when attempting to make pandan rice again.

- Use the smaller leaf pandan species. This species of pandan have shorter and slimmer leaf, but is twice as fragrant compared to the larger leaf types. Never use wild pandan leafs.
- Don't store pandan juice over night, even if it's kept in the fridge.
- More is less, and less is more when it comes to pandan juice. I got greedy and used too much juice.
- Must also remember to add salt to bring up the santan (coconut juice) taste.

My relative from Ipoh gave me 2 reallt big bunch of wild pandan leafs. One leaf is 3 times the size of the ordinary pandan leaf we find grown in (our) gardens. I was delighted but then learnt the 'pandan' lesson the hard way. I turned all the leafs in to juice using the blender and make some pandan cakes with it. The remaining was stored in the frigde. I was skeptical at first because knew it wasn't a good idea to keep the juice, but mom said ok, so... ok lor.

My pandan cakes didn't turn out as good compared when I used the normal pandan leaves. The wild pandan leaf have too much of chlorophyll smell in them. That masked the pandan, eggs and butter fragrant of my cake, making it like any ordinary cake.

Anyway, I used the remaining pandan juice to make pandan rice today. (Many recipes I see only involves pandan leafs and coconut I figured to try using pandan juice instead) My plan was to actually make a nasi lemak pandan... But the chrolophil smell was again too strong. The smell masked the santan (coconut milk) smell and my rice have a slightly bitter taste to it. I was too greedy as well, I shouldn't have used all the juice.

I think leaving the juice over night(s) killed the smell even more. I guess it's like leaving a peeled apple out in the air. The break down of the iron will darken the apple... I think same goes with the pandan.

I didn't want to throw the whole pot of rice I have to figure out how I could 'save' it. I cooked an extra cup of white rice and mixed it with the pandan rice. Then I added butter to bring out the fragrance of the pandan and santan. In the end it was still edible, but not delicious.

Below are the ingredients and steps for a (should be) more delicious pandan rice
- 2 to 3 pandan leafs crumpled and then knoted
- 150ml of pandan juice
- 250ml of santan (coconut milk)
- 2 cups of white rice

1. Wash rice and drain water.
2. Add pandan juice and santan.
3. Add water. (The mount of water added depends on the normal amount of water you use to cook the rice. Some rice requires more water to cook, some less)
4. Stir and rice pot can be switched on.

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