Friday, April 28, 2006

Recipe searches

Have you ever spent your day thinking of what to cook for your family for dinner? Or that evening tea party that you are going to throw to celebrate your baby's fullmoon? Or the big feast that you have to cook because your husband's boss is coming for dinner? Or just too lazy to think of cooking because you are just too bogged up with homework and assignments?

Recipe Search was developed by students at the Stanford university using Google's search engine as it's base. What you would have to do is just to type in the ingredients and they search will return you recipes what you could use with those ingredients.

This search is quite useful when you tons of food stuff in your fridge but have no idea or no time to think of what to cook.

On a geeky note: I have noticed that what the search actually do is to actually append the word 'recipe' behind the search string. You actually get almost the same results if you search using <'recipe'> in

Since everything was actually from Google's engine it would be a better idea to use Google's recipe search at Google Base. There you can specify several search parameters to refine your recipe searches.

Do also take a look at the link on the left side of Eat First Think Later for more recipe and food portals and food related links.

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