Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sambal Cincalok Sotong

When I was back in Pangkor for Ching Meng, my aunty froze fishes and sotong (squid) for my family to take home. It's been over a month or two that the sotongs are frozen in my freezer so I have decided to cook them today. My initial plan was to deep fry them coated with egg and grated coconut flesh, but that would be such a hassel cleaning up with all the oil and stuff. So I decided to make sambal sotong. Since my sister does not take spicy food, I have made cincalok sotong for her. (I forgot to take a picture of it though)

L-R: minced meat omelet, cucumber salad and sambal sotong

Here's how I cooked 2 sotong dishes at one go.

- 2 hands full of sotong (squid)
- cincalok
- 4 stalks of serai, sliced (lemon grass)
- 10 daun limau purut, chopped finely (wild lime leafs)
- 1 bunga kantan, sliced (wild ginger buds)
- 8 curry leafs, chopped finely
- pinches of sugar
- 4 large cloves garlic, chopped
- 5 shallots, chopped
- belacan
- few tablespoons of cincalok
- lime juice (can be replaced with asam jawa juice/paste)

1. Heat up a wok and stir fry squid until the squid curls. Place squid (and it's saice) in a separate bowl.
2. With a little oil, stir fry garlic and shallots until fragrant. Add serai, daun limau purut, bunga kantan and curry leafs and stir fry mix for 1 minute.
3. Add cincalok and the sotong. Stir until fragrant. (Add more cincalok sauce for more salty taste)
4. Scoop of a portion of the sotong. This is the cincalok sotong.
5. Add in sambal and continue to stir. For added 'umph', add in a few pieces of chili padi, sliced)
6. Add in lime juice and taste. Add in a little sugar if too sour, or add more sambal is not spicy enough, or salt.
7. Stir well and serve.

This is one of the best spicy dish I have cooked so far. Do try it out and let me know of your cooking out come =)

Also see (from left to right in the picture above) minced meat omelet, cucumber salad and sambal cincalok sotong. And pandan rice.

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