Saturday, May 27, 2006

Bangkok Tom Yam

Bangkok TomYam is located in a house actually. 23, Jalan 2/23, 46000, PJ Old Town. The house is actually located behind a corner house opposite of Georgetown Pharmacy. If you still can't locate the place you can also call 03-77824469 or 012-6171862. Open from 5 to 10pm. The chef is actually from Thailand and I believe some of the ingredients used for the dished are imported from Thailand too. This restaurant have been operating for many years now and have been on various magazine and newspaper reviews before.

Pork and eggs omelet. Crunchy, meaty and soft at all the right areas. But I think it would be nicer if they have put a little more meat in it. Rating: 8/10

Sweet sour spicy squid with mints leafs. I absolutely love this dish! The sweet sour spicy thick sauce is just perfect. The sauce fills the squid and when eaten with the fresh mint leafs...fooyohhh heaven! Rating: 10

Kai Lan with salted fish. The salted fish that is used for this dish is really fragrant and the texture is just crumbly and crunchy. Very nice. Rating: 8/10

Tom Yam Curry Fish Head. This is one of the best Tom Yam curry fish head I have tasted so far. The taste is just sour and spicy enough. Before you order, you will have to pick out a basket of fish head and fish meat to be cooked with the Tom Yam. The price of the dish will depend on the quantity of the meat you choose. And if you love the Tom Yam as much as me, you can request to take away the remaining of the Tom Yam sauce. You can reheat it later and add your own fish meat or seafood to eat with it, or use it was a dip with bread. Lovely! Rating: 9/10

The bill came up to about RM140 (with tea and four coconuts). I'm not sure if it's consider pricey, but it's all worth the money.

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