Thursday, May 04, 2006

cheese sandwich toasties

It's always a good thing to start your day with a good breakfast. What you eat is how you feel for the rest of the day... or so they say. I know a lot of people who skip breakfast. I used to be one of those people. Until... I got more hardworking in waking up on time and making my own breakfast. This is what I made a few days back for breakfast.

What is it? Erm... I have no idea but I have been calling it cheese toasties because it's the one ingredient I would never miss out while making this sandwich toast. Yum yum!

You can use any square bread for this toast. Plain while bread, oated bread, even the one with raisins and fruits. However, for more crisp and moist taste to your toast, use soft white bread. The oated once usually comes out a little dry for my liking. Spread the bread with a thin layer butter or margarine. The layer oil prevents the moisture from the inner filling from soggy'ing up the outer toasted bread.

Next spread your filling. You can use plain smashed tuna or sardine. The smashed tomato sardine is nice too. You can also try shredded chicken meat (a good was to finish up left over from yesterday's dinner). You can also add some salt, pepper, chili or spices to your filling for more taste and flavor. Try not to... or actually don't use mayonnaise with this filling. The heat from the toasting will melt the mayonnaise into ...errkkk... the taste...eeeuuu. Don't be too greedy with the filling too. Too much filling makes it difficult to fit into the toaster. The toast won't taste nice if you have too much filling and too little bread too.

Last but not least, sprinkle shredded cheese on the filling. You can use any of your favorite cheese. I usually use mozzarella but if you have the normal cheddar sandwich cheese, just use the whole slice.

Put the other piece of bread on top and fit it in the toaster. Remember to heat and oil the sandwich toaster first before you put the bread in. Use a paper towel with a little oil and wipe the surface of the toaster.

Sometimes the cheese tend to spill while the sandwich is toasting. Don't panic. When your toast is done, just remove it and use a paper towel to wipe the toaster clean. Since most (almost all) sandwich toaster is non stick and you have already oiled the toaster, the cheese won't stick.

Have a cup of fruit/vege juice with the toast and viola! Healthy and delicious breakfast for the family. And I bet you, the kids will love it.

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cheng sim

omg. Cheesie would have love this entry. then again, thanks for the tip. i'll try that out next time.


cheng sim: hehehe if you really like cheese a lot, you can try putting only cheese. Add a little salt, black pepper and dried oregano or parsley. If you take spicy food, add some dry chilie pepper too. The outcome is superb hehehe.

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