Friday, May 19, 2006

China Lou Tan (Boiled Eggs)

Back at my previous work place, my colleagues travel to all parts of China quite frequently. We can talk about food on and on and on... *drools* Well anyway, one of them brought back something that I think we can't find in Malaysia.

The 'China dried lou tan'. Let me explain what 'lou tan' mean for those who don't know. 'Lou tan' is egg hard boiled in a sauce, usually in a salty herbal sauce. If you are asking, 'Char yip tan' is it? No, both are two different dishes.

For 'lou tan', eggs are hard boiled first and de-shelled, then soaked in a sauce to be simmer for a few hours until the eggs absorb the aroma and taste of the sauce.

'Char yip tan' is made with tea leaves, but usually also with additional herbs. Water is boiled with the tea leaves and the whole egge is placed in the simmering water for a few hours.

For this China 'lou tan', the eggs are boiled continuously in the sauce until they shrink into the size of a dried plum! Yeppp super small! This boiling process usually takes up to 48 hours or more.

The blackish part of the egg you see in the picture is actually the egg white, the rest is the yoke.

I think there are 50 of these eggs in this package. Hm... better not pop one to many in the mouth... the cholesterol!

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