Monday, May 15, 2006

Mother's Day

Me and my family celebrated mother's day with my mom a few days earlier this year. Since it was a long weekend due to the Wesak Day celebration, I figured restaurants would be fully we will be away for the week. So I baked my mom a cake a week earlier, and we had dinner 3 days earlier.

My New York cheese cake came out to be a Crater Cheese Cake! LOL! Look at the moon surface on the cake...full of holes. I have to make sure I burst all the bubbles from the cheese mixture before I bake next time. I wanted to top the cake up with some fresh fruits to cover up all the craters (and top it up with gelatin to make the fruit stay in place) but I didn't because we won't be able to finish the cake in a day... putting fresh fruits on the cake will just shorten the shelf life of the cake.

The cheese layer came out to be a little thin too. I have to fix the way I make this cake to make sure my cake don't shrink and sink next time.

The bleading cake. Hahaha ok, I really suck at using the thick strawberry extract that I have. But looks dracula'ish eh hehehe.

For dinner, I took my mom to her favariut steamboat restaurant. Restaurant BB Ho SteamBoat. 24, Jalan Puteri 2/2, Bandar Puteri Puchong. (Contact no: 012-2868099 / 016-2278099) My mom don't like steamboat dinners actually, but this is the first steamboat she likes. They only have one type of soup for the steamboat, a seafood sweetness cuttle fish aroma kind of soup. Taste really really good. This is the best non-spicy steamboat I have tasted so far.

The steamboat food is priced at RM12 per head. But of course you don't have to order for 10 heads but you have 10 people. I usually order less and order side dishes.

I recommend there 'fa hai' flower crab for the steamboat. Every time I have crabs there, there are already very fresh and sweet. They fish fillet and 'pak chong' fish is really good too. Fresh...very fresh. If you like fish balls and fish paste like ingredients, go for their fish paste noodles (it's actually fish balls in the form of noodles) and fish balls. They are really sweet and bouncy ('dan' in Cantonese) in the mouth.

L to R: QQ and Seafood Tau Fo. I think you can buy the Seafood Tau Fo in the supermarket of the 'pasar malam' night market... I have eaten them outside before. The only difference with this one is just that they re-fry them to make it slightly crunchy outside.

This is the QQ Tau Fo. I thought it was the Cute Cute Tau Fo at first LOL! Taste nice after being soaked in the steamboat soup.

And the crabs!!! A must to order. This time we had Crab Fried with Mee Hoon Noodles. You can order them alone without the noodles too if you want. Yum Yum!

Not forgetting all those who can't eat without chili, this is one tasty chili. It's similar to 'pan mee' noodles chili ...but this one is less spicy.

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