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No more Marcos Pizza for me

On the contrary of all the good review's for Marcos Pizza located in Taman Megah, opposite the Kelana Jaya LRT station, I found the food there not so nice. I have to give thumbs up for the embiance and the decoration but the rest of my experience at Marcos is not too good.

When quite impressed with the place when I firstly step into the restaurant. The place was brightly lighted, feels cozy, a family place and very clean. But everything went down hill after that.

The restaurant's "sky"

I was lead to a table at a corner of the restaurant beside a cutlery station where else there are many other more comfortable places where I could have been seated. Of course, I asked for another table. Later I found out that the restaurant have a few sections, the kids, teens, and adults. We have to seat according to our sections? Is that why I wasn't given other more comfortable spots in the restaurant? I don't really like that concept.

The different sections?

Bar area or kids section?

The service there is .... disappointing. It took them quite sometime to come back to me to take my order. I had to wave at a group of waiters/waitresses at the cash counter (whom were chatting away) to get my orders taken. There was also a few occasions that the staff there turned a deaf ear on me.

Cash counter

The grape ice blended I ordered was such a fakie. I think I will just buy myself a sparking Ribena or a grape flavor F&N carbonated drink and freeze it and then just blend it to make my own grape iced blended.

Iced lemon tea and grape ice blended

Since I don't know what is good at Marcos, I decided to stick to some chef's recommendations. I ordered their famous house pizza called the 'Marcos Pizza'. The pizza wasn't nice at all. I think it was the worst pizza I have tasted. Even my 8 year old cousin can make a better pizza. The pizza crust was nice, but the filling wasn't nice at all. It was kind of tasteless to me. The pizza contain shredded ham, cheese and eggs... and maybe some other stuff. Maybe I still like the authentic Italian pizza, so this was not to my liking at all. I end up taking away the pizza. Rebaked it and added a few ingredients and spices of my own at home.

Marcos pizza

The seafood platter was the worst! The chef there should really retake a cooking course. When the platter came, I thought that at least this will taste better than the pizza, but I was dead wrong when I took a bite of the deep fired prawn coated with flour.

The prawn was still with shell. Ok, fine... since it was deep fried, maybe it was meant to be that way, the shell was should be crunchy. But nope... yuck! And the flesh of the prawn?.... tasted soft and mushy... totally un fresh. I put that aside.

Next was the deep fried squid with flour was ok. The deep fried oyster with flour(the dried type, "hou see" in Cantonese) was not my taste. Then I took a piece of the fried crab. You know what, they deep the whole arm of the crab claw in flour and deep fried it, WITH THE DAMN SHELL! I don't understand this dish. Am I suppose to eat the shell as well? ISH! I broke the crab apart and only ate the flesh inside.. and again, mushy!

Then I realized something was wrong. The crab meat was only half cooked, that was why it was mushy. Then... I realized again, the prawn I ate earlier was half cooked as well. It was mushy not because it wasn't fresh, but it was because it was raw!

Seafood platter

I was told later that "ohh we kept our seafood in the freezer so it would stay fresh. I think it wasn't cooked long enough. I will tell the kitchen about that"

My said about this.. it doesn't take a cook to figure that you have to thaw your frozen food before cooking! Marcos should a thawing machine to thaw their frozen food. Come on man... and who would deep fry shelled crab with flour?!!!! The whole dish was just ridiculous.

And if you have to visit their washroom, just watch out for the mirrors. Don't bang yourself against them.

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Think you shld write to them and complain abt the quality of their food i.e the deep fried seafood plus service. Write to the boss, think his name is Marcus Kam so he shld take action on it. Sounds really bad - I had a pretty ok experience there but it was when they first started out and we ordered pizza and pasta only so can't really comment on the food u had.


boo_licios: I did talk to the person incharge that day. He just said he will highlight it to the kitchen. ...dunno man... not too keen in going back there for food again


Finally... i've found another person who shares the same opinion as me about this place!

Now all you die hard supporters know I was not wrong! :)


wyejon: yeah mannn the pizza is bland


Don't you look around and decide for yourself where do you prefer to sit at whenever you walk into a new place? why should the waiter purposely put you in a bad place anyway.. and "And if you have to visit their washroom, just watch out for the mirrors. Don't bang yourself against them." ??? Come on, i think you are really being too nasty for saying that... just because u think the food is no good, even their toilets bother you too? anyway, for me and my friends, we like the food there and has dine there for many many times.


anonymous: I usually wait to be seated when there's a sign telling me at the entrance to do so. As for the toilet, it's like any other interior designs, agronomics is key. This is my personal perception on their agronomics. Good for you if you and for friends have found the right place, just not the place for me. You might like places I like, you might hate place I like. I believe everyone have their right to their own opinion.. so chill.

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