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Restaurant Harbour Steamboat

There seem so be some technical issues with my 'chung' post. Will get the pictures up ASAP. In the mean time, here's a text review of Restaurant Harbour Steamboat.

When I saw the pork, lamb and beef strips, Inner Mongolia and Sei Chuan sytle steamboat came to my mind. But Harbour Steamboat serves no Mongolian food, but steamboat with herbal pork leg's soup. I'm not sure if they have other soups there though.

Restaurant Harbour Steamboat is at 19, Ground Floor, Jalan 13/149L, Seri Petaling, KL. There are also a few other steamboat shops in that area, one of which serves porridge base steamboat.

I don't have any pictures of the steamboat goodies, but here's a text review.

The herbal pork leg soup is so so. Although they have the herbs and a whole pig's leg in it, the aroma and the taste was't that impressive, a little stale I might add. The restaurant should have boil the herbs with the pig's leg while making the soup. I knew they didn't do that because when the soup came, it was obvious from the looks of the herbs that they were just freshly dumped into the soup.

The steamboat ingredients are ordered separately, and comes in plates. Here's what I have tried.

- Prawns. It comes with a satay skewer in it, so you can do some 'lok lok' action.
- Whole "hak chong" fish.
- Fish fillet. The fish was so so, not that sweet.
- Fish stomach. The 'Yu Piu' was ok.
- Fishballs. So so.
- Fresh oyster. 'ho see'
- Fresh jelly fish. Since the jelly fish is fresh and not marinated with other ingredients, there's a more pungent jelly fish smell to it. I kind of like it, but this is not for everyone.
- Fresh sotongballs. When it's raw, the sotongballs are really soft, but tasted really good and sweet after it was steamboated.

- Pork strip. These came in really thin strips. To eat, you will just need to dip it in the steambpat soup for 3 to 5 seconds and it's done.
- Pork intestines. This should be eaten the same was as the pork strips. Over cooking the intestines make its very rubbery.
- Pork stomach. Erm.. I guess it was ok.
- Minced porkballs. These are freshly made, but... its was so so. They could improve on the recipe.
- Pork wantan. So so. Tasted like the once I can buy from the supermarket.

- Beef strip. These should be eating the same was as the porl strips. Sweet meat.
- Beef chunks. Chunkier version of the strips. ...sweet meat hehe.
- Beefballs. Recipe for these needs improvement too.

- Mutton strip. 3 to 6 seconds dip and sweet meat!

- Chicken strip marinated in rice wine. Ahh this one is nice. But sadly no one else shared my taste buds and realized that the chicken was actually marinated in rice wine before it was served to us.
- Green vegetables. Hong Kong kai lan fah.
- Needle mushrooms.
- White Japanese taufu.
- Deep fried taufu. 'Taufu pok'

Last but not least, you should really try out their chili. Dried chili fried with shallots, onion and preserved salted vegetables. It's looks spicy but it's not, so you can really eat a lot of it. ....I think I had 3 4 full tablespoons of it!

I have to face the after effect of the chili the next day though. My body felt hot and stuffy the whole day. I'm not sure if it was the chili or the herbal (they put 'tong sam' in it) soup.

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Anh Gee

Harbour was VERY GOOD when the original owner was a Hong Kong guy. But then it was taken over by Edward Goh. Once this Edward took over everything changed. Soup that was good became not so good. Worst of all Edward is a drunk and likes to pick on the ladies when he is drunk.

If you have the time, try the steam boat in Kampung Ara, slightly behind Pantai Seafood - Promise you, better than Harbour ANY DAY.


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