Monday, May 22, 2006

Seafood restaurant Villa in Kampung Cina, Perak

If you have read my entry on my eating journey to the mid north of Malaysia, you will notice that I have mentioned the good and reasonable seafood restaurants in Kampung Cina. I have recently... tried another seafood restaurant there and YUM! Really good!

FYI, Kampung Cina is a few kilometers away from Setiawan, Perak. Don't miss out on the seafood there. Just ask the locals there and get them to point out the directions to Kampung Cina. Very easy to locate, and there are only a few roads main there.

Seafood Restaurant Villa, Kampung Cina is located right beside Amu Seafood restaurant. Go for Villa... much nicer and more reasonable priced.

They have individual little eating huts that fits one table so you can have a more private and comfortable eating space. They also have the open restaurant concept eating space at the center of the restaurant for multiple tables.

Cat fish in curry. Ok, I'm sure the fish is not called cat fish, but ...flat headed with whiskers, dark scaled, takes forever to die fish should be called cat fish. The curry was just right, not too thick and not to watered down. I love it because they didn't over power the curry with 'santan' coconut milk.

'Heh Kor' in Hokien, 'lai lui har' in Cantonese, but I have no idea what this prawn is called in English. Before this prawn is cooked, it's as large as a rodent. But once it's de-shelled and fried, it shrinks to the size of your thumb. The famous way of cooking this type of prawns is deep frying them first, then stir frying them in sauce.

Swa Chuie Hu. ('Hu' means fish in Hokien) This is bascally deep dried 'Swa Chuie' fish. This should be some local fish in Kampung Cina. This dish is famous among the locals and usually eaten with chili sauce.

And of course, there's Oh Chien! 'Oh' means oyster in Hokien, and Chien means fried. In a whole, Oh Chien is flour/eggs fried with fresh oyster into a omelet. The find the Oh Chien's in KL totally sucks compared to the once's I eat in Perak. (Kampung Cina is in Perak) This taste really good with chili or with curry on top.

Don't forget the crab! This is a 'kong pou' style of frying the crab. They have used curry leaves, onion, garlic, dried chili, dried shrimps and other ingredients to fry with the crab. The outcome is DELICIOUS! SLURP!

With all the seafood, come the vegetable. Bittergourt fried with with salted egg. Bittergourt...yuck... but bitter gourd with salted egg is Yum! I hate and don't eat bitter gourd, but surprisingly I ate a lot of it in this dish.

Foo Yong Tan aka egg ommelet. You can get this is any restaurant, seafood or non-seafood.

Last but not least, with all the heaty curry, chili, deep fried and seafood stuff, drinking coconut water or the coconut flower juice ('Yeah fah Chouw' in Cantonese) is nice to cool the body down. The coconut flower juice is actually the sap collected from the coconut flower. It tastes sweet and sour, gassy, fermented and a give a little alcohol effect.

Everything tasted above average YUM! And wanna guess how much the total bill including 1 jug of coconut flower juice, 5 coconuts and a large pot of tea is? RM130! Darn cheap! Where else can you get cheap delicious food like that?

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He Kor (Lai Niu Ha) is mantis prawn in English


Bernard: Ahhh yes yes.. got to remember that... will be eating a lot of that :)


was browsing through your blog when i found this post. Eaten at this particular restaurant a couple of times, the food is good but the serving time can be slow at times.

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