Monday, June 19, 2006

Almond biscuits

The first time I tried almond tea, I almost spit the tea because I couldn't stand the smell. The tea, or should I say the almond smells... eek. There's this weird minty nutty smell to it. Just weird. From then onwards, I avoided the almond tea, and still avoiding it.

When I first saw this tim of biscuits, I thought that it was some really cool yummy Chinese biscuit that should taste delicious. Being the 'Eat First Think Later' me, I went ahead and bite into the biscuit.

It was almond biscuits! EEKKKK! And it had the same almond tea smell! I totally spit my first bite and didn't not finish the biscuit.

Some how, I tried the biscuit again after a while and found that it wasn't that bad. I could handle the smell and taste. As a matter of fact, I kind of like the smell and biscuit. The texture is soft and crumbles in the mouth. Bits of almonds are mixed in the biscuit to occasionally you will have to bit into them.

I went hunting for other almond biscuit brands and you know what, non of them taste as good as this one :) A lot of them tasted bland. Non of them had the “real” almond smell and taste to it.

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There is another one with exactly the same tin but every biscuit is individually wrapped. Very much nicer. These cookies are from Macau.


I remember that earlier days when schools used chalks, teachers drink almond tea to sooth/clean throats. I think it smells of cockcroaches!


boo_licious: Almond biscuit also? Or another type? I've tried another biscuit of this brand... egg roll except they fold it. If you are talking about that one then yeah! very very nice!

tummythoz: hahahhahaha i guess i can stand cockcroaches now! hehehe


I think I tried that tea in a Japanese shop here. One word: I never take it again although it's free flow.


wen: LOL...there are lots of types of Jap tea actually. Some are really yucky... I have once taste one like over burnt tea but the taste memang like that. You know, there's instant almond coffee sold in supermarkets now man. Smells really good

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