Monday, June 12, 2006

Gold Dragon City Restaurant

Gold Dragon City Restaurant is one of the restaurants that my grandma has had her birthday dinner. Since my Mom missed the food there, we went there for one of our dinners.

Restaurant Gold Dragon City at No.14-17, Jalan 20\16A, Paramount Garden, Petaling Jaya (contact number 03-7876 4633).

Instead of the old fashioned oil fried peanuts, steamed peanuts were given while waiting for our dishes to be served. Sadly, the peanuts were the ones that come from a can that can be easily purchased at any supermarket. Rating: 5/10 The dried oil chili is given instead of fresh sliced chilies. Rating: 6/10

Prawn salad. The first thing that came to my mind was "wahhh huge prawns". The prawns were very fresh. The flesh was sweet and crunchy. The prawns were mixed with a sweet and sour sauce and then mixed with mayonnaise toped with grounded groundnuts. Rating: 8\10

Cod fish baked with soya sauce (see sau wong koke yui). The first time I have eaten 'see sau wong koke yui' I fell in love with it, but that was at another restaurant. The cod fish looked plain but the taste is definitely not. The surface and the skin of the fish is crisp but the flesh in the middle is juicy and succulent. Try a bit without the rice first and really feel the juicy taste of the sweet and salty sauce together with the fish. Rating: 8.5\10

Kai Lan fried with ostrich meat. When I tasted the meat, I could tell that the meat was pre fried with butter and then fried again with the kai lan. The whole dish was tasty but the ostrich was a little over cooked from the cooking. Over all was ok, but I think I still like ostrich meat fried with garlic, onion and black pepper. Rating: 7\10

Claypot seafood mix. My mom never fail to order this every time we eat in this restaurant. The dish is nice but I think my mom makes better seafood mix :P The claypot seafood mix come with cucumber, scallops, fish stomach, cuttle fish and some other seafood served in a thick but not too starchy fish\chicken sauce. Rating: 8\10

Soya with milk and schuit kap. 'schuit kap' is actually a part of the frog's anatomy. I think it's the kidney or something. You can get them dry at you local Chinese pharmacy. Black\dark in colour. You have to soak them until it puffs up and then you can remove whatever dirt that is stuck in it and make a dish out of it. You can also find them ready made into a drink at any Chinese pharmacy. 'Schuit kap' is believe to have medicinal value. Rating: 8/10

Fruits came later on, that was house :)

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4 pieces of worms:


Interesting dishes. I always go this place for family dinner as the set meal is value for money but yet to try those dishes you had.


boo_licious: ohh i think i shall ask my mom to have a look at the set too. thanks.


the salad prawn looks yummy.

BTW, I think, suet kap is frog's skin.


papi: it is yummy.. u really got to try that. No la.. not frog skin. I saw the real thing still in the frog before.. a relative bought from China. It's like at the sides one.. 2 biji, like pundi kencing like that.

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