Saturday, June 24, 2006

Grandma Birthday in Pantai Remis

Early this month I was at a luncheon in Pantai Remis, Perak, to celebrate my grand mother's 91st birthday. Here's a review of Restaurant Kokee, the restaurant we celebrated in.

Restaurant Kokee. No.6-8, Taman Pantai Indah, 34900, Pantai Remis, Perak. Contact no: 05-6775582

While waiting for guests to arrive, red eggs, peanuts and rambutans were place on the table for munching. It's tradition for red eggs to be served/given to guest, and as a guest, eating the red eggs is actually like wishing the birthday person longevity. The more you eat, the more you wish. Peanuts are something just to munch while chit chatting. The rambutans were from one of my family friend's fruit orchard.

Cheong Sau Mee. 'Cheong' means long in Cantonese, 'Sau' means age...I think. Mee is noodles. Cheong sau mee is always served as one of the dish at any birthday occasion, expecially for those who really follows tradition and when the birthday person is old. Rating: 7/10

Double boiled herbal chicken soup. The whole chicken is double boiled with herbs and mushrooms. When I first tasted the soup, I thought it was just plain chicken and mushroom soup because the chicken taste really stood out. They really need to put for herbs in it. The chicken meat tasted good though, very soft and tender. Rating: 6.5/10

'Yi Chi' aka roasted piglet. This was really good but really fatty. This dish is actually roasted piglet skin and eaten with a sweet salty dipping sauce. Sometime this dish comes with spring onions (eaten together with the skin and dipping sauce) as well. Rating: 8.5\10

Steamed 'pak chong' fish. I'm not sure that this fish is called in English.. but it's like a really huge version of the Angel fish. I really liked the fish because the meat was really fresh and sweet and flaky. My other relatives didn't like the meat that much because people like the fish for it's sweet and smooth meat, the flaky meat was too tough for their liking. A smaller fish would have been perfect for them. Rating: 8.5/10

Taufoo kang. Seafood restaurants these days have another options to replace the famous shark fin soup with other not-kiling-shark soups, and taufoo kang is one of them. It is actually something like the shark fin soup but less starchy. Crabmeat, scallops, prawns and Japanese smooth taufoo cooked in claypot. A more famous place to eat Taufoo Kang would be in Tanjung Sepat. Rating: 8/10

Seafood mix. Ah, very nice. Sea cucumber, fish stomach, limpets, mushrooms, 'chok tan' (some kind of shellfish shaped in a bamboo like shell), green peas and some carrots fried in a seafood sauce. Rating: 9/10

Fresh prawn crackers. WHAHAHAHA you never find anything this good in PJ\KL. Fresh prawns with their shells are dip into a flour batter and then deep fried to get these crackers. Very good eaten alone or dipped in chilli or tomato sauce. Rating: 9.5/10

'oh ni' aka sweet yam desert. I could have eaten the whole plate myself!! Choosing the right yam really makes a difference when making this desert. The yam chosen should have a powdered texture to it. The yam is smashed and cooked with sugar and decorated with ginko. Rating: 9.5\10

Long ngan. After eating the oh ni, this was really depressing. This long ngan desert came right our from a can and into the bowl toped with ice. Rating: 4/10

Fresh mangos. The mangos weren’t from the restaurant. My uncle was given tons of mangos and the brought it over to share with all of us.

I wished I had a birthday cake as cool as that. Tasted good too!

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Kimmy Sia

Love the food at that restaurant. Really nice, especially the 'Oh Ni'. :D

Make me lau nua only now. :)


kimmy: yeah lo the oh ni really nice. I shall go learn how to make it first muahahha


Didn't know you took food pic. You are so VAIN. muahahaaaa...

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