Sunday, June 11, 2006

Mix porridge

What do you do with those leftovers? Make 'chap choy' again? Here's a suggestion on what you can do with left over chicken, fish and other meat.

All you need to do now is boil your porridge. Remember not to boil too much because you are going to mix all your left over in, it can become a big pot of porridge. If you have left over soup, use the soup to boil the porridge. Have left over rice? Mix it in the porridge when the rice is half cooked.

While waiting for your porridge to cook, shred your meats into pieces. If you have left over mushrooms, or fish balls, or long beans... practically anything, just cut them up into small pieces and put aside.

Ok, now take a look at all your ingredients, are they salty? Or are they just steamed food? If you leftovers are plain, you can add salt\pepper\preserved salted vegetables into your boiling porridge for more taste. You can also try adding a few teaspoon of chicken stalk or fish sauce.

When your porridge is ready, mix in all the leftovers and let boil for a while. After that, taste. Add nothing\salt\pepper to fix the taste and you are done!

Mix porridge! And your family don't even need to know that it was all leftovers :P

If you are not the leftover type and prefer to use fresh stuff, well here's how I ususally make mine.

- slices of fish
- slices of chicken
- slices of pork\minced pork
- salted egg\salted preserved vegetables
- chicken stalk\cubes
- carrots
- ginger
- rice

1. Steam fish, chicken and slices pork with a little salt. Shred carrots and ginger.
2. Boil rice with water to make porridge. While boiling, add chicken stalk\cubes and salted preserved vegetables. If using salted egg, add later.
3. When steamed foods are ready, shred chicken and fish into small pieces. Slice pork into thin strips or cubes.
4. If using minced pork, marinate with soya sauce, pepper and corn flour and put aside.
5. When porridge is ready, add minced pork and stir. Add shred carrots and ginger. 6. Break the salted egg into the porridge and stir.
7. Add chicken, fish and pork cubes last.
8. Add addition salt and pepper to taste.

Before serving, you can add a few drops of sesame oil or fried garlic oil on top the porridge. Fried shalltos or chopped some spring onions can also be added as decoration and fragrance.

Serve and eat hot. Very suitable for the rainy days.


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