Thursday, June 22, 2006

Pangkor Island's coffee shop

More of Pangkor Island!

famous fish nasi lemak available at quite a number of coffee shops in Pangkor. This type of nasi lemak is commonly found compared to the sambal ikan bilis nasi lemak in KL. Fish is fresh, and cheap, so why so for ikan bilis when you can have the bigger fish? The fish is fried first, then cooked in sambal.

I think local islanders do not fancy curry noodles in Pangkor ... but I found this coffee shop in the Pekan Pangkor (the Pangkor town) that serves really good curry noodles, maybe one of the best I have tasted. (Even nicer that the one in OUG, then again, that place only serves only so so curry noodles to my taste). What I love about all the coffee shops in Pangkor that they all serve thick black coffee "Kopi-O" and fresh barley water and in-house boiled drinks. No pre-boiled over night and mass produced drinks.

If you can't take the too fishy smell of the prawn noodles in KL, you should really try the ones at any fishing village. Fresh prawns are used for the prawn noodle soup so you really get the sweet prawn taste without the fishy smell over powering the taste.

FYI, the prawn soup is actually made from the prawn's skin. The skin is removed from the prawns and then fried and added seasoning, then make into the soup. Really nice prawn noodle soup is made when some prawn flesh are fried with the skin.

There are many more coffee shops located at the second mini town in Pangkor that serves many other local delicious hawker food. So save some space in your tummy for some coffee shop hopping!

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5 pieces of worms:


Never knew Pangkor has such good hawker fare. TQ for d info.


tummythoz: hehehe pangkor is more famous for its beach i guess.. but food there is ok too... esp for breakfast hours


teckiee last time we ate the curry noodle in OUG what's the name of the shop again? when want to have a makan session?

Kimmy Sia

The last time I went there.. mY darling brought me to this coffee shop that sells this asam laksa with a unique type of noodle. Very nice and they sell by chunks.


kimmy: using mee tiau one ah? where where? must go eat adi next time. I want to go back for durian season!

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