Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Penang Roti Kok

Penang is the place to be if you enjoy trying out all types of food, especially hawker food. But I don't think I need to tell you that, you most probably know that already. But did you know Penang is also famous for it's double baked bread "roti kok"?

Loti kok is usually made using stale buns. In order to extend the shelf life of the buns, they are re-baked till harden and crunchy, and then kept in an air tight container. Loti kok can then eaten by dunking it in hot chocolate\milk\coffee\tea. Yum yum. These days, supermarkets double bake teacakes and sell them too when they can't sell all of them.

There's this place in mainland Penang (Juru) that sells freshly baked roti kok everyday. And by fresh I mean that fresh buns are used, not the stale "going to grow fungus" buns.

These roti kok taste better really good even eaten alone. I sometimes don't dunk it in anything because that kills of the fragrant bun aroma that comes from the roti kok. Just bite it (although it can be a little hard) and let it melt in your mouth. You can then smell it... and taste the wheat sweetness of it. *fooyoh...droolss*

Get them at No 1629, Jalan Besar, 14100, Simpang Ampat. Contact number 04-5873949. Let me remind you that these are fresh roti kok made from fresh buns, so they are more pricy compared to the normal roti kok.

The circular roti kok you see on plate is a little less though and more crunchy. But both are really good, with or without dunking it in a cuppa.

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heh.. i remember eating loti kok when i was much younger..like in primary school..coz my grandma used to buy them ;D then later we made our own hahaha


This is my favourite.

I love to take it with milo. :D I still have one pack at home. Hehe.


wahh lau nuah liau


jean: hehehe i used to double bake my unfinished cakes as well!

kimmy: i want!!! mine finito liua

babe_kl: hehehe roti kok can dip in that too lol!


Used to buy cheap ones from Indian provisional shops - half to snack on, half to feed fishies in tanks, streams, ponds, drains etc. Hehe.


tummythoz: lol! may i ask what kind of fish are you?


fooyoh looks damn nice! hungry wei
eh funny this word fooyoh been appearing alot lately and theres even a website about it fooyoh.com wor

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