Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Restaurant Kin Kin (Pan Mee)

Kown Low Pan Mee (Dried flat noodles). Well, actually the noodles is not the typical pan mee noodles. I don't think it should be called pan mee at all because the noodles is not even flat. Anyway, I'm not here to discuss if the world noodles are flat or round but I'm here to tell you to head to Restaurant Kin Kin for some yummy dried noodles.

Restaurant Kin Kin is located some where along\behind Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman in KL. Look for Lorong Tunku Abdul Rahman 9, turn in that junction and the restaurant in located roughly on the diagonal right in front.

I think a reason why people call it the pan mee noodles because they use similar ingredients. The common dried pan mee noodles is served the same way with marinated minced meat, fried ikan bilis(anchovies), sliced mushrooms and black sweet sauce. The difference with the common dried pan mee dish and this one is the extra 3\4 cooked sunny side up (the egg) on top and this bowl of noodles should (if not a must) to eat with their famous dried oiled chili. The noodle used is also different from the common pan mee noodles. The noodles is like the normal yellow mee nodles minus the 'kan sui' (alkaline water) added in it, more flour starchy texture to it. Rating: 7.5\10

The famous dried chili. I recommend a teaspoon full of this to mix with your noodles. Add more only after you have tasted a few spoons of noodles because dry chilie takes time to heat up your body. But if you like the heat and can love the spicy feeling like me, one spoon full is definitely not enough. Go for more! Rating: 8.5\10

This bowl of mix fishballs, meatballs, and 'foo choke' (fried soya bean strips) is ordered separately. They are not homemade but taste really good. The fishballs are very 'dan hau'. Rating: 8.5\10

This vegetable soup that comes with complements with the dry noodles. If the noodles is too dry to your liking, you can just add a few spoon of the soup into your noodles. The soup is just like the soup you get in the common soup pan mee noodles. Even the same vegetable leafs are used.

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7 pieces of worms:


kin kin pan mee... very very nice... but very very expensive and very very small serving.


wyejon: yeah, portion is smaller than usual but good food usually comes with price


*shiats* i miss pan mein! my fave. should not come to this website :"(


wen: hehehe hm.. i think there's no pan mien in OZ rite?.. hard to find


serving so small my fren downed 3 bowls in one sitting!!! ahahaha


Great site! The pan mee here is excellant!! Just a tip: If you'd like some meat slices in your soup just take your bowl over to the counter and ask. They are usually more than happy to give you some. :)


babe-kl: wah! 3 bowls? Actually the one bowl portion is just nice for me. If i eat too much i feel that the noodle "kembang" too much in my stomach la. ...or maybe im a small eater

tuktoyaktuk: eh isit? thanks for the tip!

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