Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Restaurant Petaling Seafood Noodle

I remembered there was a restaurant near my place that serves nice seafood noodles after reading wAntAn productions a few days back but I can't remember where. I stumbled across Restaurant Petaling Seafood Noodle I figured this should be the shop. When then.. I got the wrong shop. But the food was great there too!

Restaurant Petaling Seafood Noodle. No. 31 Jalan SS4D/2, 47301, PJ. The restaurant visible on the left hand side of the LDP high way after passing the Kelana Jaya LRT station.

Loh hon kor (a type of fruit) with tong kua (winter melon?) and long ngan (another type of fruit). This 3 ingredients are boiled together to come out with this drink. Very nice because this is boiled in house with no added sugar. Sugar is only added upon request.

Hor Hee noodles. The fish cake that was used was freshly made in-house. It tasted really good because there was a lot of fish taste to it compared to the ones mass manufactured outside in the supermarkets. Their fishballs are also freshly made in-house. It's not springly like 'Sai Tou' fishballs but this have a soft but with texture feeling to it. And the soup? FANTASTIC! Rating: 9.5\10

Seafood porridge. This is one of the best seafood porridge I have tasted... but a little salty. I think that's because they have use salted egg white in it. The porridge tasted like the Hor Hee noodles. The whole pot contains a mussel, 2 big prawns and a large piece of fish. Very delicious. Rating: 8.5/10

Fish head with squid noodles. If compared to the 2 above dish, this wasn't as nice, but still good. The soup was clear but tasty and sweet. There was also a nice smell to it from the mixture of the seafood soup and the squid. Rating: 7.5\10

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