Friday, June 09, 2006

Waffles! Waffles! Waffles!

Waffles! Waffles! Waffles!

AnW is not the place where I grab hotdogs, but waffles. Ever since my childhood days, my parents will always bring us to the A&W in Taman Jaya for waffles and hotdogs. We always have a good time there and I believe every time after my ballet concert performance in the Civic Center, we will always have waffles after that.

I usually like the plain ol' butter with syrup, but this time I decided to have an additional strawberry sauce on top. The waffle tasted great as usual but i think i shall still stick to my plain ol' next time. The strawberry sauce didn't taste special, tasted just like th strawberry extract I have at home except this comes with a few mini preserved strawberries in it. The waffle was crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside. Just nice. Rating: 8\10

Kelana Jaya, Giant, second floor, right in front of the supermarket beside the Air Asia booth. There's another stall selling waffle at the ground floor opposite King's Confectionary.

Peanut butter and jam! wOOt!

This is the guy who was manning the stall. What a good sport for posing for the camera.

This waffle tasted different from the A&W waffle. The dough was fresh but soft on the inside and outside. The peanut butter and jam was spread on it while it's still hot to the spread melted into the waffle itself making it soooo juicy when i bite into it. Rating: 7/10

Planet One cafe. They have branched in KL Sentral, Berjaya Times Square, PNB Darby Park and Wisma MCA. And they also server other dishes as well. The food listen on the menu looks delicious, I think I should head back to try out them out.

Belgian Waffle. This waffle's flour tasted really different from the other waffles I have eaten. The outer part of the waffle is like the normal crispy waffle but it's bread like on the inside. I had a difficult time cutting the waffle actually. I'm not sure if the texture was suppose to be like that or not but it seems to me like the whole waffle was pre-made and not kept in an air tight container. Eating it with the ice cream was good tough. Yum yum! Rating: 6.5/10

In front of Savemart, SS2 Petaling Jaya. Ahh this stall have been here for ages, selling steamed sweet corn, titbits and waffles.

Peanut butter waffle. They have pre-made some of the waffles and when I ordered, they just took one and reheat it with the waffle iron. Then in goes the peanut butter. The flour and waffle tasted better compared to the one in Giant. Rating: 7.5\10

Waffle world. I believe they have a few branched here and there. One in 1Utama, another in Sunway Pyramid... not sure about the rest of the major shopping complexes. I have tried a few waffles and pancakes from Waffle World before and most of them are OK if not nice. My advice is to stick to the waffles because their pancakes are not as good as their waffles. Overall rating: 9\10

Waffle Stop, lower ground, 1Utama new wing, opposite Giant. The waffles are freshly made but the one I ate was not fully cooked on the inside. The outside was as nice as A&W's and Waffle World but it would be a better idea if they had left it in the waffle iron a little longer. I ordered the plain ol' butter and syrup but I got margarine and syrup instead. My advice, go for the other flavours. Rating: 5.5\10

Gelare, found in 1Utama, KLCC and MidValley. Their waffles are pretty good but a little pricy. Since I have tasted their ice cream before, I decided to go for their mushroom sauce topping. Taste ok. Rating: 7\10

I think I shall lay off the waffles for a while...

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is this like the waffle rampage? hahahahha. dunnoh where got nice waffles in perth. i only know apple strudels and theyre like super yummy. if i dont have too much luggage when i come back, i'll bring you one. *shhh!!* dont tell anyone else.


wen: ahahah can can, my mouth is shut. I haven gotten to try the apple strudels over here yet... have to go look for place to have them already


I bought a waffle maker a few months ago, I prefer them very crunchy on the outside, so i turn the heat UP on the waffler. I use butter and organic maple syrup, no "corn syrup" for me!


oldhall: do you make your own waffle batter? i'm looking for a good recipe actually.. getting sick of those ready made ones


gosh dats a whole lotsa waffles! yumz


babe_kl: hehehe there's a lot more i can try but i got sick of waffles :P


Waffles at A&W?! How come there's no waffles at A&W here in Canada?? >0<

if you like waffles, you should really try yeast-raised ones - they're SO much better! :D I think the one you tried at Planet One cafe might be a yeast-raised one - but if they're done right, they should be as light and fluffy as normal waffles, not tough and chewy...


chokorate: It's only recently that yeast-raised waffles are popping up in Malaysia... I should really try them at some other shop. I think the one at Planet One wasn't stored in an air tight container.

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