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Air Mata Kucing

No other drink can be better then the Air Mata Kuching sold at Petaling Street during a sunny hot day.

The famous Air Mata Kuching stall have been here running business since I could ever remember.. maybe even up to 30 years before I was born.

Back during my childhood days, I remember my parents would bring my whole family for a few bowls of Air Mata Kuching every time we visit Petaling Street. They didn't serve in styrofoam cups back then, but in metal bowls with metal spoons.

While the exterior changed, the drink itself have maintained it's superb taste. You can always expect the "Loh Hon Kor" fragrance and taste to be there without fail; unlike those diluted Air Mata Kuching you get in Pasar Malam's yuck.

One bowl was never enough, one cup is never enough.

The huge white green powdery melon you see the picture is "Tung Kua". The dark circular fruit you see in the display compartment is dried "Loh Hon". This two ingredients with the "Loong Ngan" are the main ingredients of the Air Mata Kuching.

My mom makes delicious Air Mata Kuching too. If not as good, she makes better! Here's what I know from her.

- Loh Hon Kor (dried)
That's the black rounded fruit you see in the picture. They can be bought at any Chinese medicinal hall. You will have to make sure the Loh Hon Kor you buy are sweet, not sour. If you don't know how to pick them, ask assistance from the shop keeper. My mom says ("Actually I still don't know how to pick them; you will just have to find an honest shopkeeper who will keep selling you good Loh Hon Kor. Go to the one in Sungai Way, the boss always sells me sweet Loh Hon Kor.

- Tung Kua
Make sure your Tung Kua is really old. Young Tung Kua's are green. As it age, a layer of white powder will form on the skin. The white the Tung Kua, the better! Pick ones that are short and wide. Not the long ones.

- Loong Ngan
Buying "original" sweet Loong Ngan are is really difficult these days as most of them come pre-soaked in sugar water before the are dried. Try to get hold of "original" dried Loong Ngan. You can sometimes tell if they are "original" or not. The ones that are sweetened usually have white stuff around them, and looks like they have melted icing sugar on them. The "original" should look dry and clean.

- sugar
Do not use normal white sugar. Brown sugar won't work too. Picking the right sugar is important because believe is or not, the type of sugar used can spoil or complement a dish. Use fruit sugar when making Air Mata Kuching. Sugar from palm and sugar cane is good. Don't use Tung Kua sugar though. You can use rock sugar or "pin" (stripe) sugar too. But my mom finds it best when she uses honey rock sugar.

1. Rinse the Loh Hon Kor and Loong Ngan. Break the Loh Hon Kor into halves by smashing them with each other, or using the back of a knife.
2. Remove the skin and the seeds of the Tong Kua and chop it up into strips. Make sure the strips are not too thick or thin. (Aprox 0.5cm thick, 4cm long)
3. Slow boil the Loh Hon Kor and Loong Ngan in a pot and then melt the sugar in it.
4. Transfer the boiling water to a slow cooker and add the Tung Kua.
5. Boil in low setting over night.
6. Ready to be eaten in the morning. You can have it warm, or let it cool and refrigerate to have it cold.

Typing this out reminds me of my mom's double boiled Tung Kua too. ....Slurp slurp. My mom has not made it for ages.

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13 pieces of worms:


My first stop everytime I go to Petaling Street.


it's Air Mata KuCING
spelled without the H


liew: Yeah me too! rain or shine still my first stop. Sometimes I go for a second before I want to leave.

Anonymous: woops, my mistake. Thanks for point out :)


the reason why they changed to styrofoam was back then when they were doing the Petaling St beautification project, they had no water to wash those metal bowls, so they changes to styrofoam, and make way for the tiny plastic bags too ...

nevertheless 1 bowl is never enough, but if u are hoping to get diabetes, a cup a day is the suggested thing to do :)

i still prefer the metal bowls ...


earl-ku: LOL! One thing I dont like is that ice fills the cup, and only little air mata kucing. So i usually let the ice melt first, then only drink... not too sweet then. And yeah.. i prefer the metal bowls too.


I find it too sweet & get even thirstier after. Oya, when I do use the Loh Hon Kor, I'll hold it against my palm & hit it against the table! Looks violent but fun. Hehe.


is this the same owner who opened an outlet in midvalley lower ground floor? they don't seem to be doing very well there. nobody wants to drink longan inside the cool shopping complex, heheh.


tummythoz: LOL! Sometimes I bang the 2 loh kon kor together to crach them. But some super hard man.. so have to use the knife.

sooi2: I'm not sure.. dont think so. Do they have one in 1U old wing? If its the same then its not.


i can see they increased the price. used to be rm1 only! =D


wen: yeah lor, ever since they after the metal bowls, they naik harga adi


yup. it's the same air mata kucing in midvalley. But not many people, coz not many people know the brand name (the red dragon?). I think people just know the air mata kucing at Jln Petaling.

And yeah, I prefer the metal bowl.


papi: i think the metal add to the taste hehe

AbuBakar Ramli

Whats a Tung Kua????

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