Monday, July 17, 2006

AK Noodles House

AK Noodles House at the Festive Street Mall, Danga Bay, Johor Bahru is a new shop selling the typical Malaysian noodles.

The "mai fun", the "mean", the "hor fun" and "lou chi fun". They also have curry noodles, Asam Laksa and side dishes like fish cakes and "Yong Tofu" to compliment all the noodle dishes.

The noodle house is very new. I tasted the food there on their opening day actually. Business was actually good for their first day.

But it was a little funny seeing the bunch of staff panicking over the orders. A lot of them were scrambling here and there. But service was good. The food came fast too.

Over all good place for noodles. Price is ok with a nice environment.

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everytime i miss msia food, i just have to visit this blog. :(

you give me reasons to go home though! :D


hehehehe so come back soon :P

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