Sunday, July 02, 2006

Alisan Mamak Mee Tiau

Echo ("Wahhh so long queue ah?! I order something else la, lazy to queue up la."); Don't do it. Be patient for good food.

This is the only place I know of that sells Mee Tiau. I call it the Alisan Mamak Mee Tiau stall. The stall it located at a mamak area in SS2 (but majority of the people think that area is actually SS4) in between the Kelana Jaya and Taman Bahagia LRT station. Back 15 years ago, the corner coffee shop called Alisan was very famous, hence the name Alisan mamak. Although the coffee shop and changed owner and been renamed, the name Alisan still stays with the neighborhood people like me. This stall is located at the end of the mamak line near the LRT track. The stall opens only after 7.30pm.

I remembered some one told me another location for Mee Tiau before, but I forgot. It's difficult to find Mee Tiau in the Klang Valley. (or maybe I have not been looking in the right places)

Mee Tiau is actually a type of noodle. I'm not really sure what kind of flour is used to make them but it taste nothing like the normal Bee Hoon, Kueh Teow or Yellow Mee.

This Mee Tiau was served dried, mixed with some carrots, beansprouts and "kau choy". You have to eat it with the garlic chili mixture on the side to really enjoy the Mee Tiau, otherwise the Mee Tiau will taste quite bland.

I usually request for more of that garlic chili for more "umph". I often find myself taking my plate over to the stall and add even more myself! One advice though, don't under estimate the garlic chili mixture. It can burn mouth.

The stall also serves Jawa Mee (in the pic above) and Asam Laksa. I think they have a few other dishes but I always stuck to Mee Tiau, Jawa Mee and Asam Laksa.

There's also a few types of "tong sui" sweet chinese desert sold there. I have tried their red bean "Hong Dau Sar", green bean "Lok Dau Sar", Ginko, soya and barli "Pak Kor Yee Mai" Gandum, black glutinous rice "Hak Loh Mai" and mix fruit "Bubur cha cha" but my all time favorite is the large white barli "Gandum".

There's also a few types of "chai queh" and other chinese queh sold there. These queh are a must to try!

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interesting. where does this mee tiau originated from? is it like thick bee hoon?


babe_kl: not really sure about the origin.. but its not like bee hoon. bee hoon is made from rice flour.. i think this is made from wheat floor


where exactly the right address? SS2/??


If you are coming from Damansara Utama towards Kelana Jaya using the LDP, take the left turn under the flyover at Taman Megah. Taman Bahagia LRT station will be in front. The Alisan Mamak area is opposite the road on the right. (You wont be able to see the mamaks from there) You will need to drive straight pass the traffic light and do a U-Turn. Turn left into the shop houses and the mamak area is on the left.


"The stall it located at a mamak area in SS2 (but majority of the people think that area is actually SS4)" why the majority think that is ss4 area. pls answer me at Thanks.

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