Monday, July 31, 2006

Cheese cake for bro

A quick one.

The New York Cheese Cake I baked for my brother to celebrate his graduation. Taste was better that my first cheese cake but presentation was a disaster. My cake shrunk because I didn't have time to leave it in the oven to cool. I was in a rush. (...I'm actually in a rush now toooo)

My bro liked it, but my younger cousins loved it. Will bake more when I go down to visit.

I'm leaving you with the picture, no recipe. Not going to post the recipe for it yet. Not up to standard. Still need a few more rounds of baking to perfect the taste and the appearance.

The cake in a whole.

Flat right? Looked like I was stingy on the cheese :P shrunk .... shrunk a lot compared to my first cake.

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2 pieces of worms:


When are you going to bake one for me? ;)


hijackqueen: can...go take masters... i bake for u when u grad hehehe :P

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