Saturday, July 01, 2006

Chocolates from the airport

I had one mini stack of chocolates at home that was bought by my mom and me when we were traveling. I believe all of this chocolate can be found out of the airport. I went chocolate window shopping and found that there’s only a few RM difference in price in the chocolate.

Here’s a quick review and some recommendations.

Milka Triolade. There's three layers to this chocolate. The bottom layer is a flat layer of milk chocolate and on top a thicker white chocolate layer. The top layer is a triangle shaped layer of dark chocolate.

The over all taste is just so so. I have tasted a few types of chocolate from Milka but didn't really like any of them. Including Triolade. Milka's millk chocolate is yucky.

Cadbury Old Gold. Old or new, any dark chocolate is just delicious gold to me! Our of all the dark chocolate I have tastes, this is one of the best! I even prefer this to Godiva's. (But nothing can beat Cadbury rum and raisin in dark chocolate! You can only find this at chocolate shops that sells alcoholic chocolates.)

Cadbury Dream. Dream a little dream... a little too sweet for me but overall nice too.

Hershey's symphony. I'm not a milk chocolate fan, but surprisingly I kind of like Hershey's symphony. They just have the right blend of chocolate and milk.

Barellini. From left to right: 72% dark chocolate, cappuccino, milk chocolate and dark chocolate.

Out of this four, I like the dark chocolate the most. This is a little sweeter compared to the Cadbury Old Gold but have the same amount of chocolate to give me that "choco umph". Cappuccino comes in second. Coffee and chocolate yum yum! (coffee bean wrapped chocolate is yummy too!!) The 72% dark chocolate is good, but not as good as the dark. I think the sugar in the dark chocolate brought out the cocoa taste. The milk chocolate is ok.

Merli's praline and dark chocolate is good too. Don’t buy the “Welcome to Malaysia” chocolates. Yuckkk. There’s also another brand of chocolate that sells coffee bean coated with chocolate (milk and white chocolate) that is good too.

Just visit the largest (or any) chocolate shop and start shopping! You don’t have to compare prices at the various chocolate shops available in the airport because all are the same. (Same goes for alcohol and tobaccos)

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