Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Cute little tarts!

A bunch of students came to my office building today to set up little stalls as part of my company's community project. They sold jewelries to potpourris, miniature keychain "voodoo" dolls to facial and shoe polishing service!

And of course, they didn't forget the yum yum stuff that "ohhh so cute I just need to buy them!" little tartlets!

This bunch from Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Puteri Titiangsa sold drinks and titbits. They also had sold "bahulu". I was so tempted to buy one of each type of keropok they sold because they all tasted so good. They made a good decision to provide samples because that really got my mouth watering for more.

They sold pop corn, Chinese onion biscuits (that’s the one in the middle, the one goes spiral), tapioca chips, salted wheeled rings, potato shredded chips and many types of buns.

They also sold chocolate cake. They told me their teacher baked them personally. I wanted to much to buy them but I kind of bought a lot of other yummies already.

This is 2kgs of chilied tapioca chips! They are serious delicious! Of course they are all not for myself. My mom loves them and this chilied tapioca chips tastes really good compared to the ones I can get in the night markets.

Ok, this is not a pandan buns like what I was told. It didn't taste pandanish at all. It was like some green bean kaya like bun. Tasted ok tough. Nice.

Cute little tarts sold by Sekolah Menengah Kebangssaan Convent. I just got to buy them when I saw them. I wasn't really tempted to eat them, but I bought them because they look soooo good together. Don't you think?

Ok. I admit, I was a little carried away but the tarts. I bought a whole box of them. The tartlets didn't look good by 1s, or 3s, I got them in 30s. I know I definitely can't finish them, but lucky I have 2 group of colleagues that will help me with that LOL.

Ahhh the gang that was convincing me to buy a voodoo doll from them for I don't know what reason. Maybe I looked evil? MUAHAHAHHA. Maybe evil on the food!

Anyway, I felt guilty that I didn't buy anything from them because I bought yummies from the other two schools. So I bought pizza buns and the chocolate buns.

Everyone will have buns for breakfast tomorrow! Thanks to me :P But I got to remind myself not to to this again. I actually spent a little more than RM50 for all this. Yikes!

Ohhh the tarts...tarts.. they are just so CUTE! I'm going to post the tartlets picture again!

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6 pieces of worms:


Yummy cute-cute tartlets!!! So sedap!!!


how generous to pong charn so many stalls :)

Siew Lee

well, the tarts are really nice.. haha..
actually the tapioca chips is the most famous among the customers.. it's really tasty!


jadepearl: I wish they were wax display... hohoho they would look soooo good

babe_kl: generous is not the word.. compulsive food buyer is more like it hehe

siew lee: ohhh no no... the tarts were only so so... the tapioca chips (that i so happen to be munching on now too!) is the best! thanks for dropping by ;)


Your colleagues so darn luck-lar!


tummythoz: HAHAHAH wait till they have to try all my experimental dishes.. hahah pray they dont lausai

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