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Heong Peng aka biskut wangi

Always buying Heong Peng from here, and there, from Pasar Malam, and Pasar Pagi... but can't find that perfect Heong Peng that suits your taste? Well today is your lucky day! I got hold of the 3 famous Heong Peng that people recommend in West Malaysia. Though, I believe there are still many delicious Heong Peng brands out there.

The Heong Peng sold by the Ta Sin Guan Tin Food Industry is well known with the locals in Teluk Intan and Bidor. The skin of the Heong Peng is flakey and crisp, but powdered down after I take bites. The Heong Peng was very "Heong", but one thing I didn't like about this Heong Peng is that the pastry was too thick. It didn't have enough syrup to meet the amount of skin it had. The syrup was a little dry in the center of the Heong Peng. Pastry: 7.5/10 Syrup: 6/10

Other than the Heong Peng from Ta Sin Guan Tin Food Industry, Gunung Rapat in Ipoh is also famous for producing delicious Heong Peng.

Seng Kee Food Trading. 117, Lorong 3 , Gunung Rapat, 31350 Ipoh. Contact number: 05-3120972 or 012-5070728.

I find this Heong Peng the most delicious of all the ones I have eaten before. This looks different too. This Heong Peng is shaped like a golf hat, bump on one side, and smooth to a flat on the other end. The skin is thin, crisp and flakey, yet still able to hold the Heong Peng in a whole. Even with no sesame seed on the outside, the Heong Peng is very "Heong" (fragrant). The smell really fills the room when I open the packet. The inside of this Heong Peng is a filling of smooth thick sticky sugar syrup. When I bite into the Heong Peng, the flaky fragrant crispy skin complements the syrup. *ahhhh just wonderfulllll* The syrup sweetness is just right, not too sweet. Pastry: 8.5/10 Syrup: 10/10

This is another Heong Peng from Gunung Rapat. People often think there's only 1 famous Heong Peng from Gunung Rapat. In fact, there are actually multiple Heong Peng "factories" in Gunng Rapat. All of them producing the biscuit from their home. This one in particular is quite difficult to purchase. Actually even the Seng Kee Heong Peng is difficult to purchase. You only can get them in Ipoh. So far, I have only come across 1 person that sells them in KL (and I don't think they are selling them anymore).

Anyway, this Heong Peng's maker is quite a fussy person. Very "par pai". I was told that I could not pre-order or place an order in advanced. Not even if I paid first. One customer is only entitles to 2 packets of this Heong Peng. So even if you wanted to buy more... it's a "no, so too bad" kind of thing. This Heong Peng is like an improved version of the Sin Guan Tin Heong Peng. The pastry is much more "soong" (nicer in the mouth), still flakey and crisp. After tasting the Seng Kee Heong Peng, this was a disappointment. The syrup in the Heong Peng was a more salty version of the usual syrup but tasted good, but still a little too dry in the center. Pastry: 8.5\10 Syrup: 7\10

Eng Teen Sdn Bhd. Lot 3740 Lorong Kilang 11, Tupai Light Industrial Area 34000 Taiping. Contact number: 05-8072629

Ok, this I picked out at random in the Pasar Malam (night market). You can already tell that the syrup are all stuck to the pastry... or I think absorbed by the pastry. I didn’t like the center at all. This is the worst Heong Peng out of the rest I have reviewed here. Pastry: 6\10 Syrup: 2\10

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I bumped into yr blog looking for heong pheng, sek kei ma, traditional biscuits fans. Wanna share which is good and where to get them.

I have tried one brand of heong pheng in KL. They also have sek kei ma, walnut cookies. I bought at USJ Taipan at a chinese medicine shop named "huah san".

Its good actually. the person who works there said a wholesaler from ipoh distributes to them. they came teice a week from ipoh. The brand is called, "tang-dragon".

update u guys if any new discoveries.....chinaboy

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