Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Hock Chiu Peah

I just can't get enough of Hock Chiu Peah! So one more picture Muahahah!

I got to try many types of Hock Chiu Peah throughout the years of traveling back to Pangkor. The usual question I (or usually my sister) ask my dad is "Can we buy Hock Chiu Peah". There was once we were so desperate for it, we went hunting for Hock Chiu Peah around the Setiawan town. Sadly, many days (Sundays :( that's when we always travel back home) the shops selling Hock Chiu Peah are closed.

Anyway, I found a place in Kampung Cina that opens on Sundays! That place mass produce Hock Chiu Peah for the local consumption and for tourist. Some locals sometimes buy a whole lot from them and travel from seafood restaurant to seafood restaurant to sell them to visiting tourist who are having their meals. The first time I bought Hock Chiu Peah from this place was actually through these "local distributors". They are the most delicious Hock Chiu Peah is all of Kampung Cina, Kampung Kok and Setiawan I have taste till date.

I have been hunting for about 3 years for the "maker" of this Hock Chiu Peah that I could only get hold at seafood restaurants in Kampung Cina. Finally! I know where they come from. It's located somewhere along a main road in Kampung Cina. I better remember to get the address the next time I'm there.

Anyway, the Hock Chiu Peah you see on the left contains marinated lean pork meat. The filling tasted like Seremban Siew Pau. The one on the right is my favorite, with fatty pork in it. YUM! There's also the plain Hock Chiu Peah bread, the salted Hock Chiu Peah bread, one with a thick sweet liquid filling in between the bread and one with onion stuffing.

Hock Chiu Peah cost about 80 cents per piece depending on the type. They are absolutely just wonderfully delicious when eaten fresh and hot. One piece was, is, and will never be enough (even when your stomach is filled to the brim!). My suggestion is to buy a lot! (8 to 10 pieces each for each person! wOOt! Yep, that's how yummy they can be) They can be kept out in room temperature for as long as 3 days. If not, you can refrigerate it. You can oven bake it when you want to eat it later. You can also use a bread toaster to reheat them. I sometimes eat them cold too.

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so paiseh leh, me hock chew oso never eaten such goodies *blush* lost track after grandad married my canton granma


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