Sunday, July 30, 2006

How to open a durian

Hm.. I haven been eating much durian this durian season. Only twice this season. I better hunt got good kampung durians before the season ends.

When I was younger, I used to visit my late granddad's fruit dusun to fill my stomach with durians, rambutans and mangosteens. The fruit dusun have grown.. I mean the type of fruits, not the land :P My aunty planted lime, very sweet pineapple, more red and yellow rambutan trees, nangka, cempedak, and tons of vegetables and herbs. I haven't been to the dusun for quite a while now, I think my aunty planted more stuff there.

Anyway, I better post this before the durian season ends. A step by step guide to open a durian.

Step 1: Pick a durian.

When buying a few of them, always pick the durians from different trees by looking at the durian thorns shape, color and placement. If the durian is yucky, you will know the other durians you have bought tastes different.

If you are not sure how to pick durians, ask for help from the durian seller. They will know how to recommend you base on this few questions. So remember to tell them this;
- thick/medium/thin flesh
- sweet/bitter taste
- watery/dry flesh
- big/small durian

If you like thick and bitter durian flesh, look for a kampung durian called the "Jantung". That's one of my favorite. When the durian is open out, the shape is like a heart, hence the name "Jantung".

It's better to buy durian from the owner of the durian tree him\herself. He\She will actually know which durian is from which tree and can really pick one according to your taste. I know it sounds impossible that you can tell from which tree a durian fall from, but seriously, they know. The fruits are like their babies.

Anyway, if you end up picking one yourself. Smell the durian, make sure it smells good. Shake it a little to check for ripeness. If you can feel\hear the durian inside shacking, means it's ready to be eaten. Press the durian shell, not the thorns but the base ..the valley. Make sure it is hard. If it's softer, means the durian have been "sauna"ed and the flesh inside will be very watery. These "sauna"ed durians smells stronger so be careful while picking them out. More fragrant smell doesn't mean a good durian.

Step 2: Get ready a chopper, rag and newspaper/cardboard. Look closely at the bottom of the durian for the "star" lines. This lines are sometimes more visible or less visible according to the durian species and tree. If you can't find the lines, look at the direction the thorns are growing. The thorns grows towards the durian star lines.

Step 3: Use the tip or the end of the chopper to pry open the durian using the star lines as guide. Use a rag or gardening gloves to hold the durian still to avoid hurting yourself.

Remember to put newspaper or card board under your durian before you open it. Save your table\floor from scratches.

Step 4: When you have a large enough opening, use both hands to split the durian apart. When you finish eating the durian and want to open up the remaining areas, use the bottom part of your palm and press against/open the durian from the bottom of the durian (the star lines).

This particular durian was very watery... hehehe the durian was in my kitchen for about 3 days before I open it. I guess I shouldn't have waited to long before eating it.

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2 pieces of worms:


During our younger days, granddad's orchard has a pond where we will catch little fish or tadpo. Now the pond has lalang grown on it. Anyway, I love yellow flesh durian and also FREE durians!


hijackqueen: yeah! i remember those days. I remember the kampung toilet also hahahah!

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