Monday, July 24, 2006

Loh Poh Peng aka Wife Biscuit

Once upon a time there lived a Chinese couple selling sweet cakes and pastries. They were a loving couple but the husband had a very bad habit. Gambling. His wife however was very supportive of his problem and worked hard to repay his dept.

One day, the husband lost a lot of money. The couple sold off all their belongings and still unable to repay the money. In the end, the wife said to the husband "You can sell of the only possession you have left, but you will have to promise me that you will quit gambling after this as you will not have anything left to sell". He sold his wife.

The husband lived with regret, and quit gambling. To repay his wife, he created a Chinese pastry to remind him of his wife.

That is the history of how Loh Poh Peng or Wife biscuit was created. Or so it says on the box of Loh Poh Peng.

Pastry are so sold so conveniently these days. The Loh Poh Peng came individually packed.

Very touching story, but I didn't really like the biscuit. The taste was… ok.. but not to mu liking. The outer pastry is like the Ma Tai Sou. The main ingredient of the Loh Poh Peng filling is sweetened winter melon.

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5 pieces of worms:


the lou-kong ought to be shot dead, he shud sell his backside instead!

btw, there's oso a lou-kong peng (in hong kong, dunno here got ornot) tastes quite horrible!


Aiyoh sad mien.


sooi2: bad husband...but worst if he was still gambling.

tummythoz: I dont want to be that wife...but the wife must have loved the husband a lot

Dragon City

oic..that was the story..But is there any reason best Loh poh peng was from Yuen Long, HongKong?


dragon city: have no idea

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