Friday, July 07, 2006

Purple long beans?

There's French beans, long beans, ankle beans, cripple beans, but purple long beans?

My mom got them from one of her friend's mother. She plants them in her garden. Looks cool huh. It's my first time coming across purple long beans.

Do they taste the same?

Nope, they dont. My mom stir fried them with some bean curd and vegetarian duck (they are made from mushroom stems) along with chopped garlic. The usual texture of the long beans when cooked is crunchy, and soft of over cooked. The cripple beans taste much the same as the long beans except it takes longer to get soft. The purple beans however are churchy crunchy and have a much more rubber feel to the skin. I think the purple long beans contain more fiber compared to the normal long beans because even when cooked longer, the inside of the bean is soft but the outer layer of the bean still is rubbery.

They tasted pretty good actually.

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Interesting! Nowadays vegies have gone Barney colour too - purple cauliflower, purple cabbage and purple corn. Does the colour stay for the long beans after it's cooked?

P/s I think there's a typo error - it can't be churchy beans rite unless it's a holy bean?


Wow, nice.


boo_licious: woops heheh.. maybe they have that at church :P Yup the color still stays... but the over cooked onces went brownish a little

tummythoz: i should have saved some beans... might be able to grow them

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