Monday, July 03, 2006

Special Masala Dosa

I have always wished I was one of those food show host. Traveling around the world tasting delicious, exotic, unique, ridicules, traditional and local food. I thin it would be my dream come true to be a hosting a food talk show or series on exotic food. Tasting duck embryo "balut" or the famous Texas bull's testicals (...from Texas right?) or the Thailand fried scorpion, or Cambodia's spider, or the famous Tequila worm.

Too bad... the closes I have been to traveling and eating is a few days back when I was on a business trip to Singapore, eating at the airport =( Hm... then again, I can be the food talk show that talks about food in all the airports! I only wish!

Anyway, I ate at Kaveri Vegetarian Cuisine Terminal 2 of Changi airport Singapore.

I choose to eat at Kaveri because everything else is as expensive but I can eat them all in Malaysia. We have Burger King here, we have Subway, we have Starbucks, we have Sushi King... and some local noodles that doesn't look that appetizing. Kaveri serves Indian vegeratian dishes.

I ordered a Special Masala Dosa and orange juice. The orange juice is toooo sweet. I can make another cup of juice with it.

The Special Masala Dosa is actually just cooked potatoes with some Masala spices wrapped in a thin pancake (the same flour used for apom). The "Special" part about it is just the cheese that was mixed into the flour.

The Dosa was disappointing. The potato filling was practically tasteless. The cheese in the flour gave the dish its taste. Even then not all areas of the flour was tasty. A wee bit more salt or cheese would done the dish better.

The dipping sauce is actually curry, which is just edible. The green and red paste you see at the edge of the plate is another almost taste sauce. I have no idea what they are made from but the red one wasn't spicy, and the green paste was just paste. I guess it's cooked and smashed up beans mixed with a little curry (for the Red) and a little vegetable (for the green).

Overall? 4.5/10

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