Friday, July 07, 2006

Tai Thong Imperial Palace Restaurant

Tai Thong Imperial Palace Restaurant. 1st floor, Casa Square, No 1 Jalan Kenari 12, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100 Puchong, Selangor. Contact number: 03-80766882

We (my family and I) didn't come here for Dim Sum actually, we came for lunch. But since there were still serving Dim Sum, we decided to try a few trays out of the Dim Sum trolley that was pushed around while waiting for our lunch to be served.

Dim Sum with prawn and minced pork.

dimsum,prawn Dim Sum with minced pork and chopped "kau choy".

Some seaweed Dim Sum. I didn't get to try this but my sister said it tasted good.

Prawns "har kau" Dim Sum.

Overall the Dim Sum was actually quite good. Will have to go back for a full Dim Sum meal soon. back to the main lunch.

This cod fish is a little like the baked cod fish I ate in Golden Dragon City Restaurant except they have used think sweet soya sauce baked with honey. The outcome was really nice. Very crunchy fish skin and because they used really fat fish meat, the flesh was flakey but very moist with fish fat. Good for health, fish fatty asid is good colestrol. Rating: 9/10 (But this dish alone cost RM150... puts a really big hole in the pocket!)

In-house made tofu cooked in chicken sauce with gourd. This is a very common dish you can find in any Chinese restaurant but the in-house made tofu made it unique. Rating: 8/10

"Ham Yue Fah Lam Pou". This dish is cooked in a clay pot with the main ingredients of dry chili, squid, salted fish and thin slices of pork strips. This was only so so. The dish tasted ok if it wasn't the "Ham Yue Fah Lam Pou", but since it is I really have to complain because there wasn't any "Ham Yue" salted fish aroma or squid aroma at all. Rating : 6.5/10

Roasted duck. Very very nice. Enough said. Rating : 9/10

Mix vegetables of lotus root, lotus flower petals, carrots, water chestnuts and peas stirred fried lightly. Rating : 8/10

Mango with ostrich meat. This was so much better then the Kai Lan fried with ostrich meat. The ostrich meat was cooked but still moist and tender. The sweetness of the mango brought out the flavor of the meat too. Very nice. Rating : 9/10

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8 pieces of worms:


The nicest ham yue fa lam pou is at Overseas - it's one of their signature dishes. Is this part of the Tai Thong promo?


boo_licious: yeah i agree. my mom always order yue fa lam pou when we eat there. Nope, no promo...=( They did have their set lunches.


How much they charged you for the entire thing?


jesus, look like a freaking expensive lunch to what balajoe said, how much is the luncheon?


balajoe: erm... if i remember correctly it was about RM400 to RM500 including tax.

Anonymous: I think if you have the same dishes at Oversea restaurant, the bill might go up to RM700. But yeah.. it is can expensive lunch. Not a lunch that I family will eat everyday.


yummy... btw who is dat cute lil gurl in dat cod fish pic? :p


babe_kl: hehehe she's my sneeky little cousin. She's 6 this year.

coffee addict

heehee i like your cousin. nice blog! i miss home already... :( it is freezing in melbourne

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