Sunday, July 09, 2006

Western food, SS2 Selera Malam

Stall No.24, SS2, Selera Malam "Wai Sek Kai" Petaling Jaya. This have been my Dad's favourite place for western food ever since I could remember. Remember way back years ago when there was no proper place for the stalls to be setup? Remember the days where there was no proper piping for water? Remember the days where there were no proper lightings and fan? This stall have been opened since that "era".

The "manager" of the stall is always in a white shirt and black slacks. I noticed that since when I was young and asked my dad "Dy, how come he dress so nice just to serve people at the street side? Not big restaurant also." My dad later told me that this person had working experienced at "big and expensive restaurant" as a waiter and chef I think. He was influenced by restaurant so much until he decided to open this own stall selling western food. He took his knowledge, skills, and the dress code with him too!

This is the one and only place where I enjoy lamb chop with mint sauce. The lamb cooked is always just right, always tender and juicy. The mint sauce that comes with it is #1. Taste better than so so so many "big, expensive and high class" restaurtants and steak house around. Rating: 9.5/10

Dad likes their black pepper chicken chop. The chicken is grilled and cover with black pepper sauce. It's not one of the best black pepper chicken I have tasted, but one of the nice ones. Then again, I like more spicy black pepper sauce. I usually like black pepper sauce with overwhelming black pepper. Rating: 7.5/10

Ahhh the chicken Maryland. It's not one of the best chicken Maryland I have eaten in a whole, but if you talk about the chicken alone, the best! The chicken looks dry on the outside but looks is really is deceiving. The chicken is juicy and texture just right on the inside. The outer layer deep fried with flour in oil adds to yummy'ness to the chicken. You don't need any sauce to go with it. Just perfect! Rating (for the whole dish): 8/10 Rating (for the chicken): 10/10

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Steven Corners mint sauce is the best, the mint sauce lamb dish is chopped up lamb racks, but u can order lamb chop ask to substitute with mint sauce


earl-ku: hm i heard of that too... but everytime i visit Steven's I always seem to forget. Will go try it out soon.... drag my daddy to mamak me me too hehe


I know this stall, use to be my fav when in college.

those photos make me super-hungry.


papi: they food there are still good as ever. standard always maintain

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