Saturday, July 22, 2006

Zui Fairprice Live Seafood Restaurant

To celebrate my brother's official graduation, he spend the whole family (with my aunt's family as well) a really big dinner. Initially he wanted to bring us to a Brazilian buffet place similar to the one we have in Malaysia called Carnival near Atria Damansara Utama. Too bad the place was fully booked. We ended up in a seafood restaurant near my aunt’s place.

Zui Fairprice Live Seafood. 220 Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574352. Contact no: 02-64552033

Chilli and fried salted peanuts. The peanuts was really grade A and yummy! It was fried (the skin was very crunchy) with a little oil and salt. Rating: 9/10

The soup of the day as pork stomach soup. Taste good. It didn’t really have the pork smell it. And not like the pepper pork soup too. Something different. Nice. Rating: 7.5/10

This is the superior salted chicken. Nothing “superior” about it though. I have tasted better white salted chicken. Rating: 6/10

Scramble eggs fried with tiger prawns. I have no idea what my brother ordered this. He never fails to order an egg dish every time he orders. It’s always the “foo yong dan” (egg omelette) or something. Eggs are his thing. How good can eggs taste? Rating: 7/10

Deep fried pork chop with special sauce and deep fried cuttle fish with spicy salt. I really like both of them. The pork chop was soft and moist, with a deep fried skin, then coated with the sauce. Really good. The fired cutlet fish was good too. I only had a chance to eat a pieces because my cousins loved it so much. They “walloped” it all! Rating: 9/10

Sautéed sliced cuttle fish with XO chilli sauce. The XO chilli sauce part sounds good but the dish wasn’t really special to my taste buds. Too ordinary. Rating: 6/10

Braised bean curd with mixed vegetables and mushrooms. Hohhhh this bean curd aka tofu is made by the restaurant itself. Ordinary dish but the bean curd was really good. Rating: 8.5/10 for the bean curd.

Seafood mix. Yuck! Worst seafood mix I have tasted! Rating: 2/10

Steam live tiger grouper. Depressing dish. The fish was too small. The meat wasn’t sweet. The fish would fair better if fried with something. Rating: 4/10

Claypot lamb stomach stew. Wahahahah Rating: 9.5/10!!! I love this! But I was the only one that liked it. Non of my family members could stand the “sou mei”, lamb smell. I practically had the whole pot to myself! Whahahahah!

My bro wanted to take us out for Roti Prata for supper but no one could eat anymore!

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2 pieces of worms:


Such a low rating for steam fish at a LIVE SEAFOOD restaurant? Maybe they should rename...


Anonymous : Actually... yeah.. but maybe we ordered the wrong dishes. Their house special was some chilie crab, but no one was in the mood for crab that day.

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