Friday, August 18, 2006

Coffee shop at Tengkat Tong Shin


I decided to look for the other Char Siew stall in Tengkat Tong Shin that earl-ku recommended in my previous Char Siew post. But… I ended up in the wrong coffee shop. This coffee shop I went to is a corner coffee shop right after the Ming Kee Char Siew stall. I saw a chicken rice stall that sells siew yoke too so I assumed that that was the correct stall.

I ordered the Char Siew and Siew Yoke rice. The Char Siew was a disappointment. Well, I did head to the wrong stall after all, so can’t complain. But you know, their Siew Yoke was surprisingly really good. The skin of the Siew Yoke was really crispy. A must to try!

There’s also a stall selling noodles and Yong Tofu. I noticed most of the coffee shop customers were ordering from that stall. This Kuan Loh Pan Mee (dry flat noodles) from the stall tastes ok.

The Yong ToFu was also ok.

After lunch, I walked down the road to look for the correct Chai Siew stall, I didn’t manage to find it but did saw an old lady selling cartoon shaped Chinese egg cakes in front of another coffee shop.

I walked till the end of Tengkat Tong Shin but still did not manage to find the Char Siew stall! I walked all the way back to the head of the road and I think… the correct Char Siew stall is there. I’m have to head back to that coffee shop to try!

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11 pieces of worms:


the char siew is nice but the rice is terrible .you can get almost the same char siew but much better rice at a coffee shop opposite seven eleven at salak south garden


That siew yoke is making me hungry.


the dry pan mien looks nice wor....since that is one of my all time favourite


haha :)

you know where is the beef noodle Ngau Kee is located, the shop with the cow logo wan ... ok its a one way street from jalan alor, once u turn into the road where the beef noodle is, its just opposite it ... an old uncle wan, no siu yuk in his stall ...


Anonymous : got the name of the coffeeshop? I dont really know salak south area. Only been there a few times.

loong: hehehe the best place to buy siew yoke is still in Ipoh actually.

jackson: ahhh then u have to try this.
Eat it with the chilie!

earl-ku: aiyahh like that it's mmg that coffee shop liua. I saw the old uncle. I'm going on Friday to try out liau! ...hopefully la hhehe. I saw alot of ppl queueing up for the tai chow noodles in front of the char siew stall also. I wonder if its good.


There's another place in the area selling selling Chicken rice+duck+siew yoke, etc that is very nice....

It's an open air stall (dunno the name) on the corner next to a motel on Jalan Berami (or something like that)... It's kinda on a small road just behind Hotel Istana.


j: ...hmm where is hotel istana ah?


Hotel Istana is on the intersection of Jalan Sultan Ismail and Jalan Raja Chulan...
Map here


yaya, there is the tai chow in front and got wantan mee by the side also .. corner lot ...


mengkee charsiew is in between the 2 places u hv been to :p its opposite the guest house (aisay wat name d, nine i think)


j: hey thanks! ... i think i roughly know where, but better drag someone who knows KL road along. Get lost teruk.. all the roas one way someore.

earl-ku, babe_kl: ahhh ok. That shop. Going to drag my collegues there to try soon.

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