Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Copy kat jap noodle

I have this bunch of unused seaweed laying around my kitchen for weeks. After making some sushi for my cousins and making some in the office, I still have a lot remaining. So I buat ini macam. Copy those ramen noodle stalls a bit :P

I cut some of the seaweed out into strips and eat it with noodles.

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4 pieces of worms:

seaweed can over power the flavour

teckiee yeah.. the seaweed did make the smell stronger too


If I were you, I'll just eat the seaweed by itself. haha...


Hijackqueen: That type of seaweed is the plain type one wor..not nice if eaten alone. But i did try to sprinkle salt and rebake them. Tasted good.

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