Saturday, August 12, 2006

Deep fried nangka

Did you know you can eat the seed of a nangka?

The next time you eat the nangka, collect the seed and boil it for about 5 to 8 minutes. Let it cool and remove the skin. You can pop the whole seed in your mouth then. The nangka seed taste something like the "Fong Lut" you find in Bak Chang, but not as sweet.

I tried eating the seed of a deep fried nangka I bought... just not cooked enough to be eaten. It was still a little hard.

Look at the amount of oil! ...that only came from this piece of nangka! Yikes!

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4 pieces of worms:


mmm... i usually tend to find those that are fried/cooked well enough that the seeds are edible as well. it sorta offsets the sweetness of the fruit itself fried.

of coz one can always collect & boil it later.

still i guess i'm not picky (but maybe a tad lazy). keke.


eh they call these cempedak, and the ones u see in fruit stall nangka ... am i rite?

yeah the gooey flesh is sweet ... very very nice

expensive too, RM2 for 3 small pieces ...


Yeah, I think these are cempedaks too..


stev: hm yeah.. i like the nangka fresh, but cempedak the stringy cobweb feeling when i eat them

earl-ku, anonymous: actually i have no idea if its nangka or cempedak. It didn't taste like cempedak...the fried flesh is more nangka like than cempedak... but both seeds can be eaten isit?

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