Thursday, August 24, 2006

Fish Fish Fish

I have met some people who cannot stand eating fish due to the pungent fishy smell. I have also met people who love the fishy smell and prefer seafood with more of that fishy smell.

As for me, fishy or not, I just love fish.

I think the simples style of serving local sliced fish in Malaysian homes is just simply frying it. When golden brown on both sides, fresh (ikan Tengirri in this case) fish just taste simply sweet. Add a dash of soya sauce for more taste.

When the body and flesh are fried, the fish heads are usually thrown. The larger fish heads are usually made into fish head dishes like the curry fish head.

Sometimes, my mom splits the smaller fish heads into halves and deep fry them to come out with a really crispy fish head. The whole head can then be eaten because it’s all crunchy. The fried fish is also nice when cooked with noodles. (Yu tau mai fun)

Of course for all the fish head dishes, fish meat can also be added in the dish but the star of the dish is usually the fish head.

Fish filets can also be marinated first before cooking. My aunty usually marinates small local fish filets with thick sweet sauce and salt before frying them. They also taste good when cooked in a steamboat.

The simplest way of enjoying fresh fish is actually just steaming the fish. But remember, steam fish will only taste good if fish is really fresh.

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6 pieces of worms:


I m 1 of those who loves fish but sensitive towards d 'chao-lai-mei'/muddy smell found quite often in reared ones. Was told that whole fish keeps better than cleaned ones but I always have mine cleaned by the fishmongers. Lazy-mar.


tummythoz: Yeah actually me too. Thats y i dont really like eating steamed freshwater fish.


Mmmmm,.. it's lovely when the fish is really fresh - then there's no need to put much seasoning and no need for any complicated cooking procedure.


j: yeah...just the plain sweetness of fish...yummm

Joan Chew

omg!!!!!!!!! i love FISH!!! rawksss


joan: hehehe me too =) raw, steamed, fried, bakes, smoked, bbqed.. you name it

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