Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Ming Tien @ Taman Megah

Sometimes it’s nice to eat at food courts and coffee shops because there are many types and variety of food to choose from at one location. Really saves the time and headache of thinking of a place to eat. Ming Tien in Taman Megah is one of those place.

Ahhhh shaved ice with all sorts of jelly, syrup, vegetables and fruits. My dad never fails to order the sour sop shaved ice in Ming Tien every time we are there. According to him, the shaved ice taste better and better every time, and recently, Ming Tien is really generous with all the fruits and jelly in the dish.

Sarawak mee. The first time I have tasted Sarawak mee is from Ming Tien. The noodles is cooked dry mixed with a little soya sauce and topped with minced meat. The noodles also come with soup. This is one of the few dry noodles I enjoy.

Duck rice. I think the duck rice do not look that good, but trust me, it tastes superb! I have also tried their duck noodles, taste even better!!! But I have got to warn you, the duck noodles can be a little oily. Joan Chew from Life of a food lover blogged about the famous duck rice in PJ new town aka PJ states. I have eaten duck rice there since I could remember but if you think duck rice there is good, you can think again after trying out the duck rice in Ming Tien.

Singapore fried noodles aka Sing Chou Mai. Hm… I really miss the Sing Chou Mai in Wisma UOA’s cafeteria in Damansara Heights. I have never tasted any better Sing Chou Mai anywhere else, when the one in Ming Tien. This Sing Chou Mai I have eaten is too wet and too sweet! The chef added way too much sugar while frying the noodles.

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Aik, make me feel damn hungry! Still in the office at this hour :(

The MovieBuff

I love the Mee Jawa and Popiah at Ming Tien. U should try it.


theangel: hm.. 1-300-88-2525... did i get it right? I still can remember the old number, 7552525... hahah i feel so olddd

the moviebuff: mee jawa, okayss i'll order that the next time im there


Yes..Sing Chou Mai in Wisma UOA’s Damansara Heights are good... It's called reastaurant Mas... but I miss the Uncle in Wisma Antah... The "dry chilies chicken" and "Sing Chou Ma" are the nicer... heeheee.
hungry hungry.... i think will order Sing Chou Mai in Wisma UOA later.

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ahya.... sorry for the duplicate comment !! =p


Anonymous: The food in Mas is not bad... my friend like the tom yam yee clap pot yee mee... but it's quite warm down there. Where's wisma antah? damansara heights area too?


The claypot lou shou fun also not bad... it just at the back of Wisma UOA, the same road to Shell House


Anonymous: ohh in btw shell and UOA? wahhh i have to go try liua.

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