Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Pasar Besar Puchong

I go to the market okayyy. People think I'm those "Sui Cheh" aka spoilt princess that cannot take the stench of the wet market but teckiee is not afraid of the market... that's where I get the source of all my ingredients.

Tomatoes, carrots, chilies, cabages, old cucumbers... a lot of them all in wholesale price... only if you buy in bulk.

Green vegetables. Kang kung, Kai Lan, Yuin Choy ... "Kai Lan from where? Hong Kong one ah?" ..."No la, Putrajaya one" LOL! Taste the same one lah :P


All potatos, ubi-ubi. Purple ones, yellow ones, orange ones and white ones. So many of them.

Most… actually all of the fishes sold here are all local fishes that are caught in our own Malaysian waters.

You have to be careful when picking out the fishes though. Not all are really fresh. Fishermen have to freeze their fishes on their boats. Those fishes are still ok. But if the fishermen\fish monger defrost and refreeze the fish… you’ll get really sucky fish.

Crabs! Not really the crab season so I didn’t really see much variety of crabs.

Smaller fishes.

Shrimps, prawns… and sometimes I see lobsters too. But most of them are so small…. want to eat also like no umph.

There’s also a dedicated butchery section that sells chicken, beef and mutton. I didn’t know there are various types of chicken that can be bought. The normal barn chicken, the black kampong chicken, the running farm chicken (choy yuin kai), and “overgrown” chicken, that when the farmers just let the chicken grow more before selling them. And then there’s the organic chicken and also the kunyit chicken.

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6 pieces of worms:


hullo... hey, where's this pasar besar har? i stay in puchong too but dunno where this is...


is the food court still there?


angel: If you take the LDP, you have to drive pass Tractor Malaysia... drive down till the toll. It's some where that area. It's before the new Jusco. I think it's near Equine park area.... or puchong permai or something.

kris: hmmm I have been there a few times...but i did notice a small food court but always closed


i can imagine the smell just looking at the pics..


sengkor: HAHAHAHHA the market dont smell that teruk


thanks! i'll go look for it... one day...

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