Saturday, August 19, 2006

Pork ball noodles at Weng Hing Jalan Imbi

When I was told that the original pork ball noodles aka "chu yoke yuin fun" was at this coffee shop, I was excited. I woke up early on a Sunday morning and head all the way down to Jalan Imbi just to try the bowl of noodles.

Weng Hing coffee shop at the corner of Jalan Imbi.

I saw a few people queuing up at the stall to take away the pork ball noodles. The uncle at the stall was working really fast to get the orders out.

Looking at all the customers that were coming and going for the noodles, I had high hopes for it... but sadly, I'm disappointed again. The bowl of pork ball noodle soup wasn't impressive to the taste buds at all. Any pork ball noodle soup in PJ can easily taste better.

The BBQ Chinese sausages that came with the noodles tasted about the same as the ones I can get in PJ. The pork ball itself also taste the same, but the testure was softer and a little less springy.

I also tried their fried queh teow. I waited quite some time for the fried queh teow because the uncle fries each plate individually. The fried queh teow smelt really good! and of course, individually fried queh teow usually taste better.

Again... disappointment. Smells good, but tasted below average.

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9 pieces of worms:

Joan Chew

I tried the pork noodles too... nothing special at all man....

haha.... i agree, any shop @ PJ can be better.:P


joan chew: hais.. dissapointing hor.. i tot very nice some more


Pork Ball noodles is one of my favourites, not to be confused with the regular Pork Noodles with the minced pork and pork innards you get everywhere.
There are not too many outlets selling Pork Ball Noodles and to my mind Weng Hing is the best.
I am most interested to learn from you which stall(s) in PJ serves a better one


this shop is famous for over-priced food.. dun u think so?


Anonymous: hm.. lets see, there's one stall in Restaurant Gembira in Taman Megah, opposite Ming Tien beside a lorong. They open in the morings and afternoon. They serve above avg pork ball noodles. There's also another corner coffee shop (this one is more visible compared to Restaurant Gembira) opposite the road that have a pork ball noodle stall. That one also ok.

sengkor: I'll let the readers judge that. I paid RM5 for my char queh teow. A yucky char queh teow :(


this pork ball boodles has a branch at KOTA KEMUNING,SHAH ALAM.
it taste beter than this head quarter...i love to eat there as i live near by...
in PJ state,there used to be a pork ball noodles at 'fook weng' taste good too.but recently the stall had changed the cook...the char queh teow in the restaurant is worth to give it a try.


This particular branch at Kota Kemuning sucks! we (my husband and I) had a super terrible experience there:

1st - The man and lady owner of the stalls are the rudest pork ball seller i have ever met! What happened was their daughter who work for them actually took our order. And who knows what was wrong with her, she actually send the wrong order to her dad (this man owner who actually prepares the noodle himself). And so came the wrong type of noodle on our table. Of course we asked for what we had ordered, but in turn the man owner scolded and started accusing us that we are trying to give them hard time!! of course he still have to re-prepare our noodle. So when the correct order reached our table, the lady owner (his wife) actually gave us a rude remark that we ordered wrongly, and threw the bowl at us like feeding dogs! We were caught by surprise of such unexpected treatment. What was so wrong with these psycho sellers? We were so 101% sure that we made our order clearly and even ensured that the daughter took the correct order....but problem was the over- confident daughter didnt even border to write down our order, instead she tried to remember them in her mind (definitely a forgetful mind). The problem is as a seller of this so called famous noodle (i don't think there is anything so special about it), being in the business for so long, haven't they learn the business ethic, consumer is always right, and never be rude to customers? The man seller actually scolded us from the start till we finally decided to stop eating our noodles (it's too hard to swallow such unfair accusation)....and we stood up and made our stand clear! We gave them a good brushing, to the extend the man owner was too afraid to accuse further, finally he tried to think rationally and just said he must be too tired, that's why his temper gone wild! This is totally unacceptable!! Being tired and in the business doesn't mean u can scold the customers who paid you for their food! I think they should close down to re-learn their business ethic, manners and business system!

2nd - The man seller who prepared the noodles actually hold a cigaretes on his lips all the time while preparing the noodles...imagine how much smoke ashes could have fallen into the pot of soup or into the noodle? No wonder cancer rate is rising high nowadays. We are eating toxic food!

3rd - Their noodle are just like normal noodle you can find out there at hawkers stalls. Nothing that special, so why are they charging double price? It's over rated and super expensive. Not worth the price.

As a wise consumer, never go to Kota Kemuning branch of Jalan Imbi Pork Noodle. Dirty and pyscho sellers should be taught a good lesson.


Anonymous 1: Hmm read Anonymous2's remark.

Anonymous2: So sorry that you faced this bad experience. But thanks for sharing. To be honest, I didnt find the bowl of noodles that good. Try 3JC. Better and cleaner location and food is definitely more delicious.


wow.. Sorry to you... Haiyah, be more realistic a bit. Taste and type are so personal. U like u eat.if don't then, it just didn't suit u. Aren't u going to say other people didn't know how to eat,didn't know what is tasty, what is not? Sometimes it's only u yourself thinking too much & expecting too much. Wake up lar.. I didn't think the process of preparing mcdonald was clean.just u didnt see it. But so badly they let u see it. No need to be so big issue. I had even see worse still service in so many restaurant. They didn't even want to recook. Somemore tell you, u want to eat, u eat. Don't wan, then pay n don't come again.

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